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1882 Biographies - Fairview Precinct

Josiah BAITS, farmer, P. O. Pleasant Mound, has been identified with Bond County since 1840. He was born September 26, 1826, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the youngest child of his parents. His father was Daniel BAITS, a native of Vermont, a soldier in the war of 1812, and married Hannah JEWETT, a native of Connecticut, a daughter of Benjamin JEWETT, who served in the French and Indian war and Revolution. The paternal grandfather of our subject was David, who served as an officer in the Revolution. The subject of these lines is one of the self-made men of Bond County. By the death of his father he was thrown upon his own resources, and had the care of the family upon his hands for several years. He left Cincinnati when young, assisting in digging the Miami Canal, and for a time assisted the Engineer Corps in their labors. When the canal was completed, he drove horses on the tow-path, and afterward worked on the boat and served as steersman, and otherwise made himself useful. About the age of sixteen, he commenced learning the boat and ship carpenter's trade, and continued at the same about four years. In 1840, he came to this township, where he has since lived, except three years spent in Minnesota prior to his marriage. October 3, 1847, he married Amanda M. EDWARDS, born December 1, 1825, of Scioto County, Ohio, daughter of Charles EDWARDS, born July 26, 1806, in Mercer County, Penn., and emigrated to Ohio when thirteen years of age. He was a son of David EDWARDS, whose wife was Catharine GEORGE, daughter of Jacob GEORGE, of Germany. Charles EDWARDS married Margaret BUFFINGTON, who was born in Meigs County, Ohio, April 14, 1806, daughter of Joseph BUFFINGTON, of Pennsylvania. His wife was Chloe HARVEY, from Indiana. The EDWARDS family came West in December, 1841, and located in this township. Charles EDWARDS died July 19, 1875. In 1848, Mr. BAITS located forty acres he had purchased on Section 35, northeast quarter, for which he paid $2.25. Upon this he located and remained on the same until January, 1881, when he located where he now resides, having 334 acres in all, 294 in this township, the remainder, forty acres, is located in Fayette County. To Mr. and Mrs. BAITS have been born eight children, five sons and three daughters - Winfield S. (now a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church), Harriet L. (wife of William L. WELLS, of Jewett County, Kan.; Margaret B. (married Marcus L. WHITEWORTH), Anson Z., Amanda M., Charles D., Josiah J. and Eli B. Since 1867, he has been a member of the M. E. Church.

Ira BEANBLOSSOM, farmer, P. O. Pleasant Mound; is the only surviving male member in this township of the BEANBLOSSOM family. The above was born in Miami county, Ohio, November 1, 1847, and emigrated to this county with his parents in April, 1856, who located on Section 23, where they lived until 1859, when they moved to southwest quarter of Section 34. His father was Peter BEANBLOSSOM, who was born in July, 1822, son of John, who was born December 18, 1792, in Rowan County, N. C., and emigrated to this county in 1856, remaining here two years, then returned to Miami County, but stayed a short time, and returned again to Bond County, where he abode until 1865. He returned then to Miami County, where he is yet living, now ninety years of age. He had a brother, George BEAN-[Page 70] BLOSSOM, who came to this county in 1830, locating in this township. He was a minister of the German Baptist Church, and one of the first members of that order and church in this township. He remained here until 1858, when he moved to Macoupin County, where he died about 1867. The mother of our subject was Barbara BRANDT, born in Perry County, Penn., December 16, 1822, but raised in Ohio; she was a daughter of Abraham BRANDT. The father of our subject was a millwright and carpenter, which vocation he followed to some extent after he became identified with this county. He also was engaged in farming. He met with accidental death in February, 1862, while repairing a wheel in Mr. BOURNER's mill, his head coming in contact with some of the machinery which crushed him in such a manner that he lived but a few hours after. He was a member of the German Baptist Church. He had the following children born to him: Ira, Levi, Simon, Martin, Abraham and Martha. Levi resides in Norton County, Kan.; Simon in Jewett County, same State. Martin, also a resident of that State; Abe, in Montgomery County, Ohio. Martha married John SAPP, of this county. January 1, 1869, our subject married Sarah E. KELLOGG, a native of Crawford County, daughter of Oliver and Mary (WELCH) KELLOGG. He located in this township in 1873. He was of English extraction. To Ira BEANBLOSSOM have been born five children - Ira, Edwin, Frances, Addie, JOhn C. and Ella May. Is a member of the German Baptist Church.

William DAVIS, Jr., farmer, P. O. Pleasant Mound, first saw the light of day January 19, 1830, at Old Ripley, now New Berlin, in Bond County. He was the eldest son of William DAVIS, a native of New Hampshire, born April 4, 1796, son of Jonas DAVIS. William DAVIS was married in Massachusetts, to Lucy MAYO, daughter of Thomas and Amy MAYO, and emigrated to Bond County in November, 1829, locating at Old Ripley, where he remained one year, and moved to Greenville, making this his place of residence until the spring of 1838, when he located on the northwest quarter of Section 23. About the year 1853, he returned to Greenville, where he spent the remainder of his days. His death occurred September 13, 1881. For years he was identified with the New School Presbyterian Church. Politically, he was a Whig; later, Republican. Ten children were born to him, seven of whom came to the years of maturity, viz., William, Mary A., Caroline, Adelaide, George, Amy, and John. William, our subject, was married May 1, 1851, to Margaret S. TAYLOR, born in Vandalia, Ill., daughter of John H. TAYLOR. She died 1879, having borne nine children, five are living, viz., Lucy M., wife of A. CABLE; Hannah, a teacher; Mary E., wife of Alvin H. JACKSON; John T. and Amy, at home. Farming has been the business of his life. His farm consists of eighty acres. Since the spring of 1866, he has been a member of the Presbyterian Church, and is an official member.

Benjamin F. MAYO, farmer, P. O. Greenville, is among the substantial citizens of Bond County. He was born July 5, 1810, in Boston, Mass., and emigrated to Bond County in the year 1834, arriving at Greenville in August the same year, and since that date has been a constant resident of this county. He is a descendant of an English family, he being of the tenth generation descended therefrom. His father was Thomas MAYO, who died when B. F. was a mere lad. He was the son of Joseph MAYO, who was a Revolutionary soldier. Thomas MAYO married Amy DAVIS, who was born in Roxbury, Mass. She, too, came from Puritanical stock. By the death of his father our subject was early in life thrown upon his own individual resources, but being energetic and imbibing that spirit inherent to Yankeedom, his course was soon marked out. He first laid the foundation for a sure thing in point of [Page 71] trades, and he spent seven years in learning three trades - painter and glazier, carriage making and trimming. He also became familiar with the use of carpenter's tools. Thus armed with three trades he felt sure that he could always get employment at one or the other. About this time the West presented to him advantages which induced him to remove thither, which he did, starting with $600 in money, but taking very sick at Smithland, on the Ohio River, on his way here, part of his money was spent; but he came on, and upon his arrival in Greenville he made himself useful in the practice of his trades. In 1838, he married Lavinia JEWETT, who died 1853. The same year of his marriage he located on the north half of Section 15. He purchased a squatter's claim and then entered the land. He remained on the farm until 1874, when he sold out and located on Section 22, where he now resides. In his farming he has been successful, having acquired a competence for himself and good farms for his sons. Seven children were born to him by his first wife, four of whom are living - Eugenia E., wife of Mr. A. CLUMP, in Jefferson County, Mo.; Alonzo J., in Mount Vernon County, same State; Henry and Edwin, at home. In 1854, Mr. MAYO married Elizabeth DEITCH, a native of Bedford County, Penn., daughter of Daniel and Christina (HOUSER) DEITCH, who came West to Wayne County, Ind., in 1830, remaining here until 1852, when they removed to Fayette County, this State. they raised a family of six children, five of the number living - John and Alexander reside in Wayne County, Ind., Catharine married Zenas EVANS, and resides in Kansas; Susan resides in Thayer County, Neb., wife of Joseph MATCHETT. Mr. MAYO has always stood aloof from any association with lodges or church organizations, having never associated himself with any, yet is not hostile toward any sect of people or denomination, but has lived a life that has been conducive to morality and worthy of imitation.

John RENCH, farmer, P. O. Pleasant Mound, one of the members of the early families is Mr. RENCH, who was born November 5, 1824, in Darke County, Ohio. He is a son of Joseph RENCH, who was born in Lancaster County, Penn., July 13, 1785. When a lad he removed with his father to Ohio, where he was afterward married, August 21, 1811, to Rhoda COATES, born December 29, 1789. To them were born twelve children - Delilah, William, Peter, Mary, Catharine, Daniel, Joseph, John, David, Rhoda, Jacob and Aaron. All of whom lived to be grown and married before there was a death in the family. Joseph RENCH moved with his family from Ohio in the spring of 1837, and entered land in the northeast quarter of Section 26; also entered other lands in the township near by, and resided on the same until his death which occurred September 7, 1856. He was one of the early members of the German Baptist Church, and helped to organize the same. His wife died February 12, 1877. Of the children born to them are Daniel, who lives in Virden, Macoupin County; Catharine, now Mrs. Abe WAGGONER, or Keokuk, Iowa; David and Peter, in Fairview, and Rhoda (Mrs. SUTTON), the others deceased. Our subject was raised on the farm and remained with his father until his marriage, November 26, 1849, to Mary F. DIXON, born October 25, 1829, in Madison County, Tenn., daughter of Alexander and Sallie STALLINGS, both natives of North Carolina. He died in Texas. Mrs. RENCH came with her mother to Fayette, in 1836. After marriage he located on the farm on which he now lives. Ten children crowned this union, seven of whom are living - Thomas J., Eveline, Almira, Nancy, John L., Martha E. and Ida M. Eveline is the wife of John HUNTER, in Greenville, Deputy Sheriff of this county. The subject of this sketch is a member of the German Baptist Church, and a respected member of the community in which he resides.

Extracted by Norma Hass from the History of Bond and Montgomery Counties Illinois, published in 1882, Part II Biographical Department, pages 69-71.

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