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Holy Communion
Sunday, June 5, 1910
Pocahontas, Illinois
Joseph Gruenefelder
Clarence Knebel
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Submitted 09 Nov 2012 by Catherine Carson

The Disciples of Christ in Bond County


Organized 1878, by J. Carroll Stark; present membership, 300; value of property, $4,500; Bible school began 1878; present enrollment, 250.

Isaac N. Enloe was instrumental in having Mr. Stark hold the series of meetings that resulted in the formation of this church.

Among the leading members there are W. H. Dawdy, Cicero J. Lindly, E. E. Wise, C. E. Davidson, E. W. Miller and H. C. Mable.

The two preachers produced were Jesse E. Stone and Talmage DeFreese.

The church is healthy and prosperous.

Mulberry Grove

Organized 1864, by John A. Williams; present membership, 200; value of property, $3,200; Bible school began 1864; present enrollment, 144.

The charter members were A. J. Morgan and wife, Andrew Steel and wife, A. J. Leigh and wife, C. T. Smith and wife, Hiram Bixby and wife, and Mrs. Barnes.

The German Baptists and United Baptists owned a chapel jointly here. The trustees bought out one party in the spring of 1865 and the other party a year afterward. By 1900 the house was old and poorly located, so then a better location was purchased and a modern chapel built thereon.

Mr. Williams served the church several years. Twelve or more pastors have followed him. The congregation has half-time preaching. There are seven elders, six deacons and five trustees. Evert Elam is clerk.


Present membership, 30; value of property, $2,000; Bible school enrollment, 35.


Present membership, 99; value of property, $800; Bible school enrollment, 79.


Organized 1859, by John A. Williams; present membership, 50; value of property, $2,000; Bible school enrollment, 56.

This was the first church in Bond County that was Christian only. In 1859 Jonathan Skates, with his wife and his wife's sister, Mrs. E. M. Lemert - all members of the church of Christ came from Ohio and settled in this locality. Mrs. Lemert was a woman of fine intelligence and Christian devotion. These, with other Disciples, arranged for monthly meetings in the schoolhouse. In the fall Mr. Williams held a revival and constituted the church.

A chapel was built soon. In 1906 this gave place to a new and better house.

There was a hard pull to pay for the first chapel because of the determined opposition of denominational neighbors. Not a church that opposed in that time has now either place or name in the community.

The first officers were Henry Allen, elder; Jonathan Skates and D. V. Tabor, deacons.

Extracted 02 Feb 2019 by Norma Hass from History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819-1914, by Nathaniel S. Haynes, published in 1915, pages 116-117.

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