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The Day Book, 07 Feb 1824

Today in Illinois History
At Greenville, Bond county, Illinois, a meeting of citizens opposed to a constitutional convention, from Fayette, Bond and Montgomery counties, was held Saturday, Feb. 7, 1824. Francis Kirkpatrick, Esq., was called to the chair and Horatio Newhall appointed secretary. The purpose of the meeting was to fix upon a candidate for senator at the approaching election upon whom the friends of freedom might concentrate their efforts. Members pledged their support to Francis Kirkpatrick, Esq., Bond county, as a senator in the next legislature. (Copyright, 1917, W. G. Chapman.)
The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, February 07, 1917, LAST EDITION, Image 20
Image courtesy of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, Urbana, IL

Village Register, 27 Mar 1826

Medical College of Ohio - The Commencement of the Medical College of Ohio, was held on the 14th inst. in the Chapel of the Cincinnati College. The ceremony was opened by a prayer from the Rev. Martin RUTER, D. D. one of the Trustees; after which Samuel RAMSEY, M. D., the President, proceeded to confer the degree of Doctor of Medicine on each of the following seventeen gentlemen, who had been previously examined and approved by the Faculty; and had each written and defended the Inaugural Dissertation, of which the title is annexed to his respective name.... Jacob B. DRAKE, Greenville Illinois, on Malarious Fevers.... After the Degrees had been conferred, the Rev. Dr. RUTER delivered to the Graduates an eloquent and impressive address, and closed the exercises of the day by prayer. Nat. Republican

Contributed 03 May 2014 by Martha Richards from The Village Register, West-Union Adams Co. Ohio Tues. 27 Mar. 1826 Vol. III # 144 pg. 3 [Ohio Historical Society microfilm # 34944]

Rock Island Daily Argus, 12 Jun 1891

Greenville, Ills., June 12 -- Lincoln Nesbit is under arrest for passing a $100 Confederate states bill upon Charles Friddle, of Mulberry Grove.

Rock Island Daily Argus, 19 Jul 1892

Albert Spradling, of Mulberry Grove, near Vandalia, Ill., was fatally injured by falling with a thrashing machine through a bridge over Hurricane creek.

Rock Island Argus, 19 Feb 1909

How Lincoln Helped Cupid - New Anecdote of Great Emanicpator Told by a Chicago Attorney.

Lincoln week celebration recently held in Chicago brought to light anecdotes and glimpses of the great emancipator's character which are said never before to have been made public.
Attorney Charles G. Neely told a story which he said was given to him by O. W. Wall of Mulberry Grove, Ill.
"Wall," said Mr. Neely, "enlisted early in the war and while at the front wrote letters to his sweetheart, Elizabth Jones, who also lived in Mulberry Grove. There was another Elizabeth Jones in that town, and, accroding to Mr. Wall, the Elizabeth Jones to whom he was not engagegd got all the other Elizabeth's letters. He complained to the postmaster in vain.
"The exasperated young soldier finally resolved on a desperate plan. He sat on a bullet riddled log near the battle line and after much pondering wrote a long letter to President Lincoln, explaining the difficulty.
"By the next mail the president's reply came, couched in terms somewhat as follows:
" 'I am very sorry. Whom do you want for postmaster at Mulberry Grove, Bond county, Ill.? (Signed) A. Lincoln.'
"To this the soldier lover responded, recommending a crippled cobbler. Within a few days the change took place, the mail was delivered to the right Elizabeth Jones, and by his warm hearted action Abraham Lincoln played a great factor in the Jones-Wall wedding, which took place soon after the war."

The Day Book, 19 Sep 1913

Greenville, Ill. -- W. D. Snow indicted for murder of Jas. M. Coling at Mulberry Grove, Ill.

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