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AmityhistoricvPocahontasBurgessnow known as Pocahontas
AyerscurrentnLaGrangeLaGrangenorthwest of Greenville
Baden BadenhistoricPOPocahontasBurgessin Millersburg
Beaver CreekcurrentnBeaver CreekMills
Beaver CreekhistoricpBeaver CreekMillsincluded Dudleyville and Beaver Creek
Bethel--Cottonwood GroveShoal Creekcampground first now cemetery
BucktownhistoricvMulberry GroveMulberry Grovenow known as Mulberry Grove
BunjecurrentnCottonwood GroveShoal CreekSorento
BurgesscurrenttPocahontasBurgessincludes Pierron
Cottonwood GrovehistoricsCottonwood GroveShoal Creek
Cottonwood GrovehistoricpCottonwood GroveShoal Creekincluded Cottonwood Grove, Elm Point, and Pleasant Prairie
DonnellsoncurrentvCottonwood GroveLagrange vs Shoal Creekformerly known as Bear Creek, part in Montgomery county
DudleyvillecurrentnBeaver CreekMillssouthwest of Greenville Airport
DurleycurrentnZionMulberry Grovenear Governor Bond Lake
Elizabeth Cityhistoric-GreenvilleCentrala paper city 3 miles west of Greenville
Elm PointhistoricnCottonwood GroveLagrange / Shoal Creekjust south of Donnellson
FairviewhistorictFairviewPleasant Mound8 miles east of Greenville
FairviewhistoricvFairviewPleasant Moundincluded Fairview and Pleasant Mound PO
GilmorecurrentnCottonwood GroveShoal Creeksouthwest of Sorento
GreenvillecurrentcGreenvilleCentralincluded New Jerusalem, Piety Hill, Cobtown, and Buzzard Roost neighborhoods
GreenvillehistoricpGreenvilleCentralincluded Greenville, Henderson, and Stubblefield
HamburgcurrentnFairviewPleasant Moundalso known as New Hamburg
Henderson StationhistoricnGreenvilleCentralincluded Smithboro PO
Hickory GrovehistoricvPocahontasBurgessnow known as Pocahontas
HookdalecurrentnOkawTamalcosoutheast of Greenville
HoustonhistoricvMulberry GroveMulberry Grovenow known as Mulberry Grove
KeyesportcurrentvOkawTamalcosw corner of Bond, part in Clinton county
LagrangecurrenttLagrangeLagrangeincludes Ayers and Paisley Corners
Maple GrovehistoricnLagrangeLagrange
MillersburghistoricnPocahontasBurgessincluded Baden Baden PO
MillscurrenttBeaver CreekMillsincludes Dudleyville
Mulberry GrovecurrentvMulberry GroveMulberry Groveformerly known as Bucktown, Houston, and Shakerag
Mulberry GrovehistoricpMulberry GroveMulberry Grove
Mulberry GrovecurrenttMulberry GroveMulberry Grove
NeporthistoricvZionMulberry Groveaka Newport
New BerlinhistoricvRipleyOld Ripley
Old RipleycurrentvRipleyOld Ripleyformerly known as New Berlin and Ripley
Old RipleyhistoricPORipleyOld Ripley
Old RipleycurrenttRipleyOld Ripley
Paisley CornerscurrentnLagrangeLagrangeon Route 127 nw of Greenville
PanamacurrentvCottonwood GroveShoal Creekpart in Montgomery county
PierroncurrentvPocahontasBurgesswas half in Madison county
Pleasant MoundhistoricPOFairviewPleasant Mound
Pleasant MoundcurrentnFairviewPleasant Moundssw of Mulberry Grove, ese of Greenville
Pleasant MoundcurrenttFairviewPleasant Mound
Pleasant PrairiehistoricCottonwood GroveShoal Creekincluded Harrisonville
PocahontascurrentvPocahontasBurgessformerly known as Hickory Grove, Amity, and Pocohontas
PocahontashistoricpPocahontasBurgessincluded Baden Baden PO, Pocahontas, and Millersburg
RenocurrentnCottonwood GroveShoal Creeksoutheast of Sorento along railroad line
RipleyhistoricpRipleyOld Ripleyincluded Old Ripley PO and New Berlin
ShakeraghistoricvMulberry GroveMulberry Grovenow known as Mulberry Grove
Shoal CreekcurrenttCottonwood GroveShoal Creek
SmithborocurrentvGreenvillePleasant Moundat Henderson Station, also Smithborough
SorentocurrentvCottonwood GroveShoal Creek
StubblefieldcurrentnGreenvilleCentralstation 4 miles west of Greenville
TamalcocurrentnOkawTamalconorthwest of Keyesport along railroad line
WoburnhistoricPOZionMulberry Grove
WoburncurrentvZionMulberry Groveformerly known as Crossroads and Neport
ZionhistoricpZionMulberry Groveincluded Neport

   v = VILLAGE
   c = CITY

Cannot find your place name? Maybe it was in Bond County years ago, but you’ll find it in another county today.

Bond was created 04 Jan 1817 in Illinois territory out of Madison county; Bond included territory in present Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Bond lost all territory in present Michigan and Wisconsin to Michigan Territory when the state of Illinois was created from Illinois territory 03 Dec 1818; Bond became a county in the state of Illinois.

Five counties were carved out of Bond county

Legislature authorized Bond county to gain from Madison county the eastern halves of townships 4 to 6 north, range 5 west, dependent on local referendum that failed 19 Feb 1841 (no change). Bond did gain from Madison county 02 Mar 1843.

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