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One of the leading physicians and surgeons of Southern Illinois, William Thomas Easley, M. D., of Greenville, is a practitioner of much experience and a close student of the science which he wisely chose as a profession. Keeping abreast of the times in this era of progress, when the diseases that manifest themselves in the different organs of the human body demand special treatment, he has made special study of the eye and ear, making these his specialty, and his practice along these lines has so constantly increased within the past few years that it now requires a large share of his attention, eliminating to a large extent his general practice.

Born in Montgomery county, September 1, 1857, Dr. William T. Easley was brought up on the home farm and acquired his rudimentary education in the rural schools of his native district. Ambitious to further advance his studies, he attended Hillsboro Academy the two years prior to attaining his majority, after which he taught for awhile in the old schoolhouse in which he received his early training. He subsequently studied medicine with a country physician, Dr. Baxter Haynes, and in 1880 entered the Saint Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, from which he was graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1883. The ensuing eighteen months Dr. Easley was engaged in the practice of medicine at Smithboro, Bond county, from there coming to Greenville, where he has since enjoyed an extensive and remunerative practice, being now the longest-established physician in the place. Wishing to specialize in regard to diseases of the eye. Dr. Easley took a course of study at the South Western Optical College, Kansas City, Missouri, where he received the degree of Doctor of Optics, after which he studied in Chicago, there receiving the degree of Doctor of Ophthalmology. In addition to his special work, the Doctor is often called upon to do delicate and difficult surgical work, and is now serving as surgeon for the Vandalia Railroad Company. He is very prominent and influential in professional circles, being president of the Bond County Medical Society and an active member of the Illinois State Medical Association. For several years he served as coroner of Bond county.

On September 28, 1882, Dr. Easley was united in marriage with Minnie DeShane, of Coffeen, Illinois, who is of French parentage and ancestry and they have two children, Grace and Charles Euclid. Politically the Doctor ' is identified with the Republican party, and is ever interested in advancing the public welfare. For nine years a member of the Greenville Board of Education, he served as its president two years, and was largely influential in having erected one of the largest school buildings in the city. A valued member of the Methodist church, he is chairman of its Board of Stewards, and a liberal contributor towards its support.

Extracted 10 Nov 2018 by Norma Hass from 1912 History of Southern Illinois, by George W. Smith, volume 3, page 1324.

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