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Cox Monument


Name of Deceased
Cox, Elijah 179102 Jun 1811brother of Rebecca, 20y

"Probably as early as 1809 or 1810 a family by the name of Cox moved from near Alton and settled near the present village of Pocahontas across Shoal creek from Hill's Fort. In 1811 the family was building a horse mill. On June 2nd, some Pottawatomies came to the Cox home finding only a brother and sister at home. It was reported the family had money. The Indians killed the 20-year-old brother in cold blood, taking his heart out and placing it on his head while his sister watched. She was then told to get the money. She gave them only a part of the money. She was then placed on a horse and on other stolen horses the party started north. Rebecca Cox was a sensible young woman. She tore her apron in strips and dropped the strips along the trail. When the family returned, Hill's fort was alarmed and Capt. James Pruitt and some settlers started in pursuit. The Indians were overtaken north of where Springfield is now. The young woman was recaptured with a dangerous tomahawk wound in her hip. Rebecca Cox recovered, married, moved to Arkansas where her husband was massacred by Indians. Three miles north of Pocahontas this monument was erected by the community to commemorate Cox's death." Find-A-Grave

Information and photos contributed by Frank Elam

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