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Daggett Cemetery

Name of Deceased
CAREY, Sarah A184025 Dec 188040y
DAGGETT, Cora Edith27 Sep 188411 Nov 18862y 1m 15d
DOUSE, Hannah08 Dec 186024 Mar 188120y 3m 16d
LARKIN, Clarissa J22 Jun 184207 Nov 187937y 4m 16d
MILLER, Rosa F18 Sep 187113 Apr 188311y 6m 26d
PETERSON, James26 Feb 187719 Jun 18781y 3m 24d
STEVER, Mary E185006 Dec 188131y
THOMPSON, Thomas Walter17 Jan 187818 Jul 18786m 1d

This cemetery has been lost. Someone once said the cemetery had been located on land, all of NE back quarter of Section 36 6N4W, purchased February, 1867, from John B and Olive Denny to Nathaniel Daggett of Madison County, recorded in Book 4.

Information contributed by Frank Elam

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