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Etcheson Cemetery

Name of Deceased
Etcheson, AM
Etcheson, B
Etcheson, Elizabeth J Oct 27 1844 Sep 4 1913 Wife of Wm H
Etcheson, G M
Etcheson, Ginsy M Aug 16 1855 32y wife of Jacob
Etcheson, Inf Dau of WH & EJ Etcheson
Etcheson, Jacob Apt 8 1818 Mar 30 1872
Etcheson, Jacob B Apr 9 1876 Apr 10 Son of WmH & EJ
Etcheson, Rosemant Sept 7 1862 44y
Etcheson, Sarah Jun 1866 38y
Etcheson, W H H
Etcheson, William H Oct 17 1842 Nov 22 1903 Co K 39 ILL Inf

You are welcome to view the photos of currently unidentified markers.

Information and photos contributed by Frank Elam

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