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Hubbard Cemetery


North of Greenville, Illinois. Take Idler Lane north from State Highway 140 (old Alt Route 40). The cemetery is on what was the Losch farm. When the property was sold out of Peter Hubbard the 3rd's estate the right of way was not reserved in the title abstract. So get the owners permission before going onto his property.

Name of Deceased
Hubbard, George W. 01/10/1818 10/26/1859 Son of Peter and Martha.
Hubbard, Isham 12/27/1823 02/03/1846 Son of Peter and Martha.
Hubbard, John F. 11/22/1828 06/10/1855 Son of Peter and Martha.
Hubbard, John H. 03/27/1844 09/28/1895 Son of Lewellyn.
Hubbard, Lewellyn Brown 1820 02/03/1897 Son of Peter and Martha.
Hubbard, Margarette 12/28/1829 09/26/1857 Wife of John F.
Hubbard, Margarette H. 01/01/1858 10/01/1859 Dau. of Geo. and A.
Hubbard, Martha (Gillham) 04/07/1792 01/17/1854 Wife of Peter the 3rd.
Hubbard, Peter, the 3rd 02/23/1782 11/25/1868
Hubbard, Sarah (Grigg) 1825 03/27/1896 Wife of Lewellyn.
Hubbard, William (Willie) 1873 01/15/1892 Grandson of Lewellyn.

All pictures and information contributed by Mike Hubbard

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