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Robinson Cemetery


Located 1 mile north and 2 miles west of Pocahontas in Old Ripley Twp. NE SE Quarter of Section 32 and NW SW Quarter of Sections 33. These directions were obtained from the Robinson Cemetery Book compiled by the Bond County Genealogical Society.

Name of Deceased
Gilliland, James Samuel 02/07/1875 11/14/1956 son of Thomas and Polly Gilliland
Gilliland, Maggie H. 01/18/1870 05/29/1932 daughter of Thomas and Polly Gilliland
Gilliland, Thomas H. 10/30/1844 01/28/1923
Gruen, Louisa Mary (Willy) 04/04/1877 07/24/1928 wife of Philip Theodore Gtuen
Gruen, Martha 03/31/1903 08/17/1919 daughter of Philip and Louisa
Gruen, Philip T 03/08/1876 10/07/1957 son of Philip Sr. and Wilhelmine Gruen

Information contributed by Nancy

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