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Family Group Sheet


Husband: John Andrews
Birth: 1817 to 1820 in KY or TN
Burial: Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Parents - Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown


Wife: Sarah Maloy
Burial: Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Parents - Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown

(1) Samuel Washington Andrews
(2) James Monroe Andrews married Caroline Edwards in 1882

2019 Apr 05

I am a great-great grandson of John Andrews and his wife Sarah Maloy, both buried in the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, as well as several of their youmg children. One son who lived to maturity, Samuel Washington Andrews is buried there also.

Another son, James Monroe Andrews, married Caroline Edwards and they moved upon marriage in 1882 to Smith Center, Kansas. In 1901, they homesteaded again to Holden, Alberta. They had eight children (one of whom died stunt-riding a horse in Cora, Smith County, Kansas before they headed by wagon to Canada). He died about 1920, having visited back to Greenville as covered in the local newspaper.

These are the two branches today of the John and Sarah marriage, which apparently took place in Greene County, Missouri. John Andrews gave both KY and TN as places of his birth, anywhere from 1817 to 1820 according to censuses while residing in Bond County. There is no evidence to date to support any connection to other nearby Andrews families. DNA tests do not find any Andrews relations at all. Not a typical Scots-Irish type. More Scandinavian, German, Polish. Possible immigrants to Scotland centuries ago via Doggerland, today under North Sea.

R. McMahon

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