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Family Group Sheet

ELAM, Alexander

Husband: Alexander Elam
    Birth: 1762 in Lunenburg Co., VA
    Death: Aft. 09 Dec 1799 in Mecklenburg co VA or North Carolina?
    Burial: R3277-BL granted-heirs in Bond County IL
    Marriage: 17 Mar 1785 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Father: Joel Elam
    Mother: Phoebe Elizabeth Hill

Wife: Jane Norment
    Death: 1814 in VA
    Father: William Norment


Child No. 1: Charlotte Elam
    Birth: 1797 in VA
    Marriage: 30 Sep 1813 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Spouse: Daniel G. Callis

Child No. 2: Mary Richardson Elam
    Birth: 1785 in VA
    Death: 30 Nov 1852 in o Daniel
    Burial: Hastings Cem.;age 67
    Marriage: Bond Co IL
    Spouse: Daniel Grigg Sr.

Child No. 3: William Branch Elam
    Birth: 20 Sep 1788 in VA
    Death: 15 Oct 1854 in Fayette Co Illinois,Reps Elam Adm his estate
    Burial: Mulberry Grove Cemetery, Bond Co IL
    Marriage: 12 Dec 1810 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Spouse: Patience Hurt

Child No. 4: Chandler Norment Elam
    Birth: 18 Sep 1790 in VA
    Death: 13 May 1862 in Robertson Co., TN
    Burial: resided Robertson Co TN 1860
    Marriage: 18 Nov 1813 in Charlotte Co VA
    Spouse: Tabitha Harris

Child No. 5: Joel Alexander Elam
    Birth: 17 May 1792 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Death: Jan 1867 in Appanoose Co., Iowa
    Burial: 3 ch first wf;10 ch second wf
    Marriage: 20 Feb 1812 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Spouse: Susannah Elam

Child No. 6: Alexander Elam
    Birth: 05 Nov 1796 in NC
    Death: 19 May 1875 in Bond Co Ill
    Burial: moved to IL 1828
    Marriage: Sep 1815 in Rutherford Co., NC
    Spouse: Elizabeth Grigg

Child No. 7: Thomas Elam
    Birth: 19 Oct 1798 in Mecklenburg Co Va
    Death: 01 Dec 1856 in Fayette Co Illinois
    Burial: Bethlehem Cemetery, Fayette Co IL
    Marriage: Apr 1816 in Rutherford Co., NC
    Spouse: Elizabeth Elam

Child No. 8: Robert Elam
    Birth: 1792 in VA
    Marriage: 21 May 1808
    Spouse: Mary Polly Richardson

Child No. 9: Alexander Elam

Child No. 10: Thomas Elam

Child No.  11: Elizabeth Elam
    Birth: 1786 in VA
    Death: Aft. 1850   
    Burial: alive 1839
    Marriage: 13 Oct 1806 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.
    Spouse: John Elam

Contributed Jan 2012 by Marilyn Glenn Szum
Entire 3-page Alexander Elam.rtf submission available for viewing with Microsoft Word

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