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Family Group Sheet

GLENN, William

Husband: William Moore GLENN Birth: 09 Oct 1816 in Cleveland Co., North Carolina
Death: 16 Sep 1891 in Arthur, Lima Twp., Grant Co., WI
Burial: Arthur M.E. Cem., Lima Twp, Grant Co., Wisconsin
Parents - Father: Alexander GLENN; Mother: Frances GRIGG

Marriage: 04 Aug 1836 in Bond Co., IL

Wife: Cynthia Jane McCRACKEN
Birth: 09 May 1821 in Montgomery Co., TN
Death: 14 Jan 1900 in Platteville, Grant Co., WI
Burial: Arthur M.E. Cem., Lima Twp., Grant Co., Wisconsin
Parents - Father: Samuel B. McCRACKEN; Mother: Margaret McGUIRE


Child No. 1: Arthur GLENN
Birth: Abt. 1837 in Bond Co., Illinois
Death: Aft. 1917 in Over 80 years old?

Child No. 2: Sarah Mary GLENN
Birth: 04 Mar 1841 in Woburn, Bond County, Illinois
Death: 11 Feb 1917 in Plattville, Grant County, Wisconsin
Burial: McReynold's Cem, Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Marriage: 18 Jul 1858 in Grant Co., Lima Twp., Wisconsin
Spouse: Joseph Osborne McREYNOLDS

Child No. 3: Washington Robert GLENN
Birth: 08 Apr 1847 in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois
Death: 19 May 1934 in Birmingham, Wylam, Jefferson County, Alabama
Burial: Flomaton, Escambia County, Alabama
Marriage: 22 Jun 1892 in Sumner, Cook Co., IL
Spouse: Emily HUFTON

Child No. 4: Martha Mattie GLENN
Birth: 1849 in Woburn, Bond County, Illinois
Death: Bet. 1879–1881 in Rock River, Rock Island, Illinois
Marriage: 18 Dec 1868 in Montfort, Grant Co., Wisconsin
Spouse: Joseph J. CLIFTON

Child No. 5: Eli Benton GLENN
Birth: 1852 in Woburn, Bond County, Illinois
Death: Was in Houston TX at some point- Mary Nan Vickory
Burial: sd to have resided in Jacksonville Florida
Marriage: 29 Aug 1879 in Greene County, Wisc.
Spouse: Alice Isora DeWITT

Child No. 6: Charlotte Viola GLENN
Birth: 1856 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Death: 08 Sep 1891 in Grant County, Wisconsin
Burial: Grant County, Wisconsin
Marriage: 01 Aug 1878 in Grant County, Wisconsin
Spouse: Isaac Newton CLIFTON

Child No. 7: Caroline GLENN
Birth: 23 Nov 1857 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Death: 17 Nov 1874 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin age 16
Burial: Arthur M.E.Cem., Grant County, Wisconsin

Child No. 8: Franceska DeEtta GLENN
Birth: 1859 in Arthur, Lima Twp, Grant County, Wisconsin
Death: Bef. 1891 in WI

Child No. 9: Phillip Lincoln GLENN
Birth: Jun 1862 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Death: Abt. 1921 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Burial: Phlipp owned land in South Dakota

Child No. 10: Cynthia Etta GLENN
Birth: 1866 in Lima Twp., Grant County, Wisconsin
Death: Aft. 1920
Burial: prob.Bond Co., Illinois
Marriage: 21 Mar 1888 in Parkston, Hutchinson Co, South Dakota
Spouse: Thomas F. HARDING

Child No. 11: Edda GLENN
Birth: 1866
Death: Apr 1881 in Arthur, Grant County, Wisconsin
Burial: Arthur M.E.Ch, Grant County, Wisconsin


William Moore Glenn -
He was blind and broken in health when he returned to Wisconsin with his family from the Dakotas, and died shortly after.
Born Rutherford,portion that became Lincoln Co, portion that became Cleveland Co., NC.
Came to Illinois 1827 with his parents.aged 11 yrs.
Marriage Bk A-p128 by William Hunter shown on record as M Glenn
Moved to Grant County, Wisconsin 1856; His Obit says 5 sons;7 ch out of 11 still alive in 1881.
sons: Arthur, W.R., Eli, Philip,
Occupation:Preacher-Farmer- Licensed Minister M.E. Church; helped establish the ME Church in Grant Co WI.
Buried Arthur Cemetery -M.E.Church, Washburn, Grant Co., WI. Tombstone says he died 25 Sep 1891 Bond County IL 1840 i m 20-30 1 f 15-20 1 m v5 hence born 1835-1840

BOND COUNTY CENSUS 1850 420-429 William M. Glenn 34 NC Cynthia 29 TN Sarah 9 IL Washington R. 4 IL Martha 7/12 IL
A William M. Glenn born 1832 NC died on the 1850 Bond/Alexander Co IL Mortality Schedule of pneumonia. Could not be his because born in NC and Wm and his family were already here. However Joseph Glenn, Alexander's brother had a son Robert who was in Bond Co IL

LAND ENTRY WM M GLENN Bond Co Ill 10/22/1838 40 acres FD $1.25 Sect 24 SENW 6N3W Archive Vol. #340 p 013 Record ID 190286

Deed Bk Bond County Illinois p277 This Indenture made this 18th day of September A.D. 1855 between John P. Shields Master in Chancery in and for the County of Bond and State of Illinois of the first part,
and Samuel T. Moss of the Same County and State of the second part Witnesseth that whereas in a certain Suit in Partition in Bond County Circuit Court at the April Term 1854 of Said Court
wherein William M. Glenn was petitioner
and Robert Glenn, Alexander Glenn, Martha E. Grigg, Elizabeth M. Hunter, Marshall Hunter, William McLin Hunter, Nancy R. Hunter, Frances M. Glenn, Nancy N Hill, William Glenn, and John Glenn were Defendents,
judgment of Partition of the premises therein described in the petition having been awarded by the Court and the Commissioners appointed to make such partition having reported to Said Court
that the lands in question were so circumstanced that a division thereof could not be made without manifest prejudice to the proprietors of the same.
It was then ordered by the Court that John Wait then Master in Chancery be appointed to Sell the lands and premises in questionTo Wit
The South East quarter of the South East quarter of Section Seven 40 acres Part of the South half of the South West quarter of Section Eight 30 acres, The East half of the North West quarter of Section Seventeen 80 acres, the North West quarter of the North West quarter of Section Seventeen 40 acres, part of the South West quarter of the North West quarter of Section Seventeen 20 acres, and part of the West Half of the North East quarter of Section Nineteen 50 acres, all in Township Six North
[page 278]
Range Five West in Bond County Illinois
And the Said Master in Chancery was Ordered to Sell the Same at Public vendue on the premises to the highest bidder
after giving four weeks notice of the time, place, and terms of Sale by posting up Notices thereof in four of the most Public Places in this County on the following terms-
One eighth part of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of the Sale,
the balance in six and twelve months, the purchaser to give approved personal Security
and a Mortgage on the Premises to secure payment of the Purchase Money.
And the Said Master in Chancery was ordered by the Court to execute anddeliver
unto the purchaser or purchasers a good and sufficient deed upon
compliance with the Terms of Sale and by reference to the records of Said Court
Said Masters order will more fully appear In pursuance of Said order of court the Said Master in Chancery
after giving due notice of the time place and terms of sale as ordered by said decree
did proceed to Sell and Sold on the 3rd day of June 1854 to Samuel T. Moss
a part of the West half of the North East quarter of Section 19 in Township No.6 North of Range No. 2 West of the third principal meridian
known on the plat as lot No. 1 bounded as follows: Beginning at the North East Corner at a stake White Oak 2 inches in diameter,
south 55 West six inches, thence West 50 rods to a Stake Walnut North 60 W. 0 links,
thence South 20 rods to a stake Elm 10 inches in diameter, East 6 links,
thence East 50 rods to a stake Hickory 8 inches in diameter South 142 West 13 links
thence North 20 rods to the place of beginning containing ten acres Situate in Bond County, Illinois
for the sum of One Hundred and One dolls
he being the highest bidder and that being the best price bid for the same,
and the SaidSamuel T. Moss having complied with the terms of Sale.
Therefore, I , John P Shields Master in Chancery and successor of the Said John Waite in Office in ans for the County of Bond State of Illinois in pursuance of said Order of Court to Sell, Convey, and Confirm
unto the said Samuel T Moss his heirs and assigns all the right, title, and interest of the aforesaid parties petitioners and defendents in and to the land last herein described, with all the priveleges and appurtenances thereunto belonging.
To Have and To Hold the Same forever,
In Testimony whereof I have hereuntos set my Hand and Seal the day and year first herein written
Master in Chancery
State of Iliinois
Bond County
On this 15th day of October A.D. 1855 before me E. Gaskins Clerk of the County Court in and for Said County personally appeared:
John P Shields, to me well known to be the person mentioned in and who executed the foregoing deed of Conveyance and acknowledged that as Master in Chancery he executed and delivered the Same for the uses and purposes therin expressed.
Witness E. Gaskins clerk the seal of said court, day and year before mentioned
Clerk (Seal)

Relationship Notes for William Moore Glenn and Cynthia Jane McCracken Bk A p 128 Bond Co IL Cynthia Jane McCracken

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