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Family Group Sheet

GRIGG, Jesse and Martha

Husband: Jesse Grigg
    Birth: Abt. 1745 in Prince George Co., VA
    Death: Aft. 1810 in probably Rutherford Co., NC WFT says died 1810
    Burial: pr.Cleveland Co., North Carolina, private cem.
    Marriage: 11 Dec 1786 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia
    Father: Abner Grigg
    Mother: Mary Ford

Wife: Martha B. Elam other wife was possibly Nancy Webb
    Birth: Abt. 1765 in Middle Bluestone, Mecklenburg, VA
    Death: Bef. 1810
    Father: Joel Elam
    Mother: Phoebe Elizabeth Hill


Child No. 1: Elizabeth R. Grigg
    Birth: 1795
    Marriage: 18 Feb 1823 in Rutherford Co., NC
    Spouse: William Martin

Child No. 2: Prissy Grigg
    Birth: 1787
    Marriage: 18 Dec 1800
    Spouse: John Johnson

Child No. 3: Sarah Grigg
    Birth: 1789
    Marriage: 13 Oct 1813 in Rutherford Co N.C.
    Spouse: William Patterson

Child No. 4: Joel Grigg
    Birth: 1793 in poss 1798
    Death: 22 Jul 1844 in McMinn Co, TN
    Burial: 1842 in age 45 headstone doesn't tally; Old Salem Cemetery, McMinn TN
    Marriage: 17 Aug 1811 in Rutherford Co., NC
    Spouse: Eunice Patterson

Child No. 5: Mary Polly Grigg
    Birth: 1795 in NC
    Marriage: 26 Dec 1815 in Rutherford Co TN
    Spouse: Francis J. Moore

Child No. 6: Frances Grigg
    Birth: 1797 in NC
    Death: 20 Apr 1852 in Woburn, Bond Co., Illinois
    Marriage: 10 Oct 1815 in Lincoln County, NC
    Spouse: Alexander Glenn

Child No. 7 Name: Unknown male Grigg
    Birth: WFT

Child No. 8: Unknown Grigg
    Birth: WFT


I have worked this through carefully with Lloyd Bockstruck’s help and cross checked with census records. A. DAR record now exists on this lineage traced back through Martha ELAM Glenn to her parents Alexander Glenn and Frances Grigg to her parents Jesse Grigg and Martha Elam and thence to Joel Elam and his first wife Phebe Hill. I have probate records for Frances and Alexander Glenn, and for Alexander Glenn’s parents. So far as I know, no one has found an estate record for Jesse Grigg but census records support that Jesse is the same man who was married to a first wife who is often cited as Nancy Webb. So far as I know her name has not been documented yet either. I have the pension application of Martha Elam Glenn for the Military Pension of her husband Joseph W. Grigg, son of Bolen Grigg and Susanna Stockton. Frances Grigg Glenn and her husband Alexander lived next door to Bolen Grigg.

I believe Alexander and Frances Grigg are buried in Hastings Cemetery in Woburn, Bond Co IL where other family members are buried and very close to their own land if not on it. I could not find the headstones but it is open knowledge there are more stones underground that were not excavated in the Genealogical Society efforts.

As for Jesse Grigg husband of Martha Elam, I have considered whether he could be the son of Jesse who was first married to another wife who may have been Nancy Webb I have become convinced that the census records support that the man who married Martha was the same one who was first married to another wife and father of Burrell Grigg who married Sabra Elam sister of Martha {Patsy) Elam. I believe his first wife had died and he remarried to Martha. I believe he was likely born closer to 1745 than 1732 as is so often given but the same man.

However there is a headstone erected in Rutherford Co NC giving Jesse Grigg as being buried there and that he did not die until 1846. This would imply the stone belongs to the man who died in Stoddard County MO wf Rebecca Noble. He was first in IL and then then moved to MO. The Jackson County Il history says he came here about 1806 and with a second wife and her father. This Jesse would have likely been born about 1770 but it is very hard to say it is him.

Descendents of this line believe they came from Rutherford/Lincoln County NC to Illinois. DNA testing might help determine a relationship.

Contributed Jan 2012 by Marilyn Glenn Szum

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