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Webster Family

The first picture is Hester Ann (WIDGER) WEBSTER. The only other person I am certain of in this picture is John Emerson “Skimp” WEBSTER, seated on the right edge. I’d be interested to know who the others are.

This picture, below, is of John Emerson “Skimp” WEBSTER. He married Betsy Ray.

John Emerson "Skimp" WEBSTER

John Emerson and Betsy Ray WEBSTER’s son, Joseph WEBSTER, was born 14 Sep 1881, in Sorrento, Bond County, Illinois. Joseph WEBSTER died 27 Mar 1947, in Sorrento. He married Maggie J. ALTEVOGT on 27 Jul 1902 in Bond County. She was born 19 Sep 1885, in Warden, Illinois. Maggie died 13 Oct 1944 in Sorrento. Her father was John William ALTEVOGT, who was born 30 Jan 1887, in Bond County, Illinois. John ALTEVOGT died 6 Nov 1949, and was buried in McCord Cemetery. Maggie's mother was Lettie Belle SAMMONS, who was born 16 Aug 1893, in Nokomis, Illinois. Lettie died 20 Oct 1958 in Montgomery, and was also buried in McCord Cemetery. John and Lettie were married in 1885.

Joseph & Maggie (ALTEVOGT) WEBSTER

John ALTEVOGT's parents were Johanna Henrietta HEIDEMANN and either Louis E. or Ernest Henry ALTEVOGT. (I’m trying to sort out the confusion…) Johanna’s parents, John Adolph and Anna Margarette H., were both from Germany and are buried in McCord Cemetery.

Harry Edmund & Alma Jean (COOLEY) WEBSTER

Joseph WEBSTER’s son, Harry Edmund WEBSTER; born 7 Apr 1917 in Bond County; died 01 Aug 1951 in San Diego, California, of sleeping sickness contracted in Borneo while in the service. His wife, Alma Jean (COOLEY) WEBSTER, was born 11 May 1924 in Charleston, Illinois; died 29 Mar 2015 in Prescott, Arizona. Harry had a couple of brothers, including Homer Udell WEBSTER, who died April 1945, in Okinawa, Japan. Harry and Jean were my grandparents.

I’m not sure if I captured all of the details or connections - please let me know if I can provide more stuff!

Contributed 03 Jul 2019 by AJ Webster

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