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2002 Historical Stories 

Historical Stories About Greenville and Bond County, IL was written by Allan H Keith, published in 2002, and consistes of 25 pages. This book is available to view online at no cost. A link to the book is provided on our Resources page.

  • Bond County History - a partial list of the historical articles in the Greenville (IL) Advocate written by Allan H. Keith
  • Rev. John Brown White
  • 1908 City Directory
  • Liberty Bell Comes to Town
  • Protest in 1934
  • 1930 Greenville High School
  • Greenville Businesses in 1930
  • Dog Rescues Boy
  • Presidential Elections Since 1860
  • Greenville Street Names
  • Towns Known By Other Names
    Ayers, Donnellson, Dudleyville, Gathon, Greenville, Hamburg, Hookdale, Jett, Keyesport, Old Ripley, Panama, Pierron, Pleasant Mound, Pocahontas, Reno, Sebastopol, Smithboro, Mulberry Grove, Keyesport, Beaver Creek, Sorento, Stubblefield, Tamalco, and Woburn are each discussed in this article.
  • Origin of Town Names
  • Mayors Since 1872
  • First GHS Graduation in 1873
  • College Life Has Humor, High Jinks
  • Lincoln, Douglas Visit in 1858
  • John L Lewis
  • Third Party Presidential Candidates
  • Greenville College in 1962-63
  • Hill's Fort

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