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Hugh Kirkpatrick this day came with two Negro women, Edah and Elsaiy, and it is agreed between the parties that the said Negroes shall serve their said Master ninety and nine years each upon which they Indentured themselves and the said Kirkpatrick entered into and executed Bond with Roland Shepherd his security in the sum of one thousand Dollars conditioned as the Law directs. December 18th, 1817.

Isaac Hill of Okaw Township came with his Negro man, Peter, and it is agreed between the parties, that the said Negro Man, Peter, should serve the said Hill as a faithful servant for the space of ten years upon which the said Peter Indentured himself and the said Hill Entered into and Executed Bond with John Laughton his security in the sum of five hundred Dollars conditioned as the Law Directs & dated this 21st day of February, 1818.



Date Name To What Office Appointed
28 Feb 1817 Isaac Price Justice of the Peace
12 May 1817 Paul Beck Captain
Samuel Davidson Ensign
02 Jun 1817 Thomas Kirkpatrick Judge of the County Court
John Powers
Martin Jones
14 Jun 1817 John Laughton Captain
John Hopton Lieutenant
John Whitley, Jun. Ensign
17 Sep Levi Casey Justice of the Peace
03 Feb Martin Jones Justice of the Peace
16 Mar Thomas Kirkpatrick Justice of the Peace
09 Sep William Gracey Justice of the Peace
12 Sep John A. Wakefield Justice of the Peace
17th Frances Brown Justice of the Peace

Officers Qualified by Authority of the Legislature of the State of Illinois


13 Apr Asahel Enloe Justice of the Peace
Robert G. White
19 Apr John A. Wakefield
Jeremiah Evans
William M. Crisp
John Powers
Francis Brown
William Pursley
Samuel Houston Sheriff


State Officers Qualified

July 5th, 1819 John Powers
Charles Johnston County Commissioners
John Leeper
Francis Travis Treasurer
Thomas Helms Clerk
Samuel Hill Constable
James Wilson
Sept. 7th Rufus Inman
July 5th Thomas Allison

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