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Ledger Page 50


On Motion of Joshua Barker who present his Bond as Constable with Henry File his security which Bond is approved of by the Court and Ordered to be filed.

Ordered that the resignation of John Russell, Esqr., be filed with this Court as Surveyor of Bond County.

Henny Williams, Esqr., this day paid over to the Court three dollars the amount of fines by him collected.

No.35 Ordered that Leonard Goss be allowed four dollars for Ballot Box & one days service as Judge of the Election. (Note in the Margin: delivered to E. Blacker, by order"")

Ordered that the Recorder be and is hereby paid $2.50 for Recording Deed and Town Plat.

Ordered that Frederick Ricobs be allowed $3.00 for three days attendance on the Circuit Court at June term 1824.

Agreeably to an Order of the last term of this Court appointing vickers to view and mark a Road from the neighborhood of Robert McCords to Intersect Allensroad at County line, John Margraved and George Denny this day reported said road of public utility, It is therefore Ordered that said road be and is hereby established.


September term 1824

Ordered that Thomas Inman, Robert Hufman, and William Dunn be and is hereby appointed viewers to view and mark out a road the nearest and best way commencing at the Fayette County line where the road leading from Vandalia to Belville (sic) crosses the county line from thence to Powers Mill on Shoal Creek from thence the nearest and best way to the County line on a direction to Belvill (sic) and report to the next term of this Court.

Ordered that court adjourn until 9:OClock tomorrow
Robert McCord


Ordered that the following persons be appointed to serve on the traverse Jury
to wit: James Deny 1, Ezckeal Enloe 2, Elias Blundall 3, John Prukett, Jr 4, John Lee 5, Anderson Hill 6, John Moregroves 7, John McGahey 8, Samuel White 9 (tarner) James B. Rutherford 10, James Davis 11,*Thomas S. Waddle 12, Wiatt Stubblefield 13, Christian B. Blockburger 14, James Little Jr.15, Peter Hubbard 16, Joseph Stoker 17, William M. Stewart 18, Hugh Robinson 19, John White Jr., 20, William Spratt 21, Robart Stuart 27, Jonathan Berry 23, Duncan Johnson 24.

Ordered that the following (sic) hands be allotted to work on the Sangamon Road in addition to a former order Commencing at the Public Square in Greenville as far as a point of timber near Joseph Paistley's to wit McHenry Johnson, Thomas White (Hatter), Daniel Ferguson, Cyrus Birge, Ansell Birge, Doctor Symmons, George Davidson, Vance L. Davidson.


Ordered that William Stuart be appointed Over seer of the Road Leading from Eissu Morgraves to Buc Bukworths with the following allotment of lands, to wit, John Denny, Mosey T. Camp, George Denny, Felix Morgraves, John Morgraves, Samuel D. Lofland, Thomas Wafer, John Pool, William Wafer, Alexander McKinney, Eli McKinney, Ambrose White, James White, Henry Sears, Hallaway Prater, Samuel Prater, and Bruce Pration.

Ordered that Buc Buckworth be appointed Supervisor of the Road leading from the farm of said Buckworth to Intersect Allens road at the Fayette County Line with the following allotments of hands, to wit: James Little, Jr., William Little, Absalom C. Watkins, C.B. Blockburger, Scrvincer, Curtis Scrvincer, Jerrimiah Freeman, Thomas C. Gilham, John N. Gilham, Daniel Moore, Philip Moore, Jr., Sectun Hasting, William Hastings, Hugh Watson, William P. Watson, John Sterling, William Sprat, William Hunter, Alecxander Stuart.

Ordered that John White be appointed Supervisor of the Road Leading from Robert McCord's to Jesse Moregraves with the following allotment of hands, to wit, Including John Coyle, John Alexander, Elihu McCord, Joseph Moore, Edwin M. Moore, Robert McCord, James B. McCord, William Findley.


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Andrew Findley, James Denny, Alexander Denny, Robert W. Denny, Robert Baily, James Wafer, John Elder, Josiah Alexander, David Sackett, Ephraim Rosslin.

Ordered that Robert Hufman be appointed Supervisor of the Road Commencing at the Public Square in Greenville, to William Dawning following the old road from Greenville to Carlysle, with the following of hands to wit, Samuel Houston, Michael Dodd, John Russell, William McAdams, James Blizzard, William Blizzard, John Hunt, Charles W. Hunt, Hubbard Short, Bonham Harland, Samuel G. Morse, Nathaniel Hanning, Thomas P. Aikens, Dawning Bau, John Baugh.

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