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Ledger Page 52

Ordered that Cyrus Birge be licensed & permitted to retail spiritous liquors in the Town of Greenville for one year from this date he paying the sum of five dollars.
Ordered that Court adjourn until Court in Course.
Asahel Enloe
December 14th, 1824

At a special Court held this day for the County of Bond. Present Robert McCord, Ransom Gear and Asahel Enloe.
And took into consideration the vacancy of the Clerks Office for said Court and appointed Asl. Enloe to act as Clerk Protem until the first Monday in February next.
Robert McCord
Ransom Gaer
Asahel Enloe
At a Special Court held for Bond County on the 7th Day of February 1825. Present the Honorable Robert McCord, Ransom Gaer, Asahel Enloe.
Ordered that Hosea T. Camp be allowed the sum of $12 State paper for supporting a guard in the town of Greenville for the 9th of January last past in Guarding J.I. King.
 Ordered that Captain Seth Blanchard be and is hereby appointed Supervisor of the Road leading from the Public Square in the town of Greenville to the west bank of Indian Creek.
Ordered that William Paisley be and is hereby appointed Supervisor of the road leading to Sangamo Road. Commencing at the point of timber opposite Joseph Paisleys and from thence to Montgomery County line.
Issued 7 Feb 1825 Ordered that Robert McCord Esq., be allowed two dollars fifty cents for one days service as Judge of said Court.
Issued and Ordered that Ransom Gaer, Esq., be allowed ten dollars for four days services as Judge of Said Court.
Ordered that Michael Dodd, Esq., Receive his note from the County Commissioners Court of Bond County given for the sum of ten dollars for a lot in the town of Greenville, so soon as said note can be found.
Ordered that a road leading from the Town of Greenville to the Montgomery County line near Levi Casey's in a direction to the Hurricane Settlement by the way of Durleys and Gillhams Mill's and the Hugh Watson is hereby appointed supervisor of the said road and that all hands between the two base line, viz., the lie between five and six and seven living on the East side of the east fork of Shoal Creek are herby Ordered to work on said Road. * Charles Summons excepted.
Ordered that Joseph McAdams be and is hereby appointed Supervisor of the Road leading from Isham Reavis via McAdam’s mill to Vandalia (continued on next page of original text.)
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In the place of William Stephenson, and that he be allowed the same apportionment of hands allow'd said Stephenson---working from Shoal Creek to the Hurricane Fork-----or where that road intersects the road leading from Greenville to the said Hurricane Fork.
Ordered that Hosea T. Camp be and is hereby appointed to act as Constable of Bond County and the Clerk of said Court is hereby authorized to take Bond and security according to law.
Ordered that Court adjourn until Court in Course.
A. Enloe
March Term 1825
At a County Commissioners Court held for Bond County on March 10th 1825.
        Present Robert McCord
Ransom Gaer
Asahel Enloe
Ordered that the following persons be appointed to serve as Grand Jurors at the next to viz third Monday in April next. (Viz) Robert W. Denny 1, James S. McCord 2, Josiah Alexander 3, James Mears 4, Benj James 5, Robert Gillespie 6, Williamson Plant, Sr.,7, Andrew Moody 8, David Hunter 9, Holliway Prater 10, James White 11, John Hoptn 12, Thomas Wafer 13, John Russell 14, James Myers 15, Robert Duncam 16, Tapley Young 17, Philip Moore, Senr., 18, John Johnson 19, John White 20, Jesse Margraves 21, Joseph Paisley 22, Peter Hubbard 23, Hugh Robinson 24.
Ordered that the following persons serve as Travers Jurors at the next April Term to be held in Greenville on the third Monday in April next viz. Leonard Goss, Esq.,1, William Young 2, Benjamin Inman 3, William Durley 4, Samuel Hunter 5, Samuel Prator 6, John McCord 7, Elijah Findley 8, William Nelson 9, ALlen Comer 10, Drury Rollin 11, Henry Sears 12, Fras. Kirkpatrick, Senr., 13, James Kirkpatrick 14, John White, Tanner 15, William Valentine 16, William Stephenson 17, Newton Laughlin 18, Moses Henton 19, Thomas Long 20, John McNear 21, John L. Kirkpatrick 22, Hezekiah Archer 23, Michael Dodd, Esqr., 24

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