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Hosia T. Camp, Francis C. Kirkpatrick, Edward Young, Vance L. Davidson, Robert Cook, Charles W. Jenning, Edward Elim, Ezekial Enloe, James Enloe, John L. Kirkpatrick, Richard H. Kirkpatrick, from thence to beaver Creek to include the hands living on each side of said Creek to the Clinton County line—and to include Andrew Grun, David Lustree & those living on the East of Shoal Creek near power old Mill to the said Carlyle district.  

We the County Commissioners Court, do hereby Order and Appoint John Montgomery, Esqr., Supervisor of the Road leading from Vandalia to the Town of (Illinois?) according to an act passed January 15th 1825. Authorizing said Court to lay off road districts. Commencing at the public square in the Town of Greenville and working on said road to the Madison County line. According to the Order of the Court. (continued on following page of original text)  


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and that he have the following boundary of hands allotted him—Commencing at Greenville, Seth Blanchard, Elisha Blanchard, Jacob B. Drake, Samuel White, Tanner, Hugh White, Thomas White, Alexander R. White, John B. White, from thence South one fourth of a mile from the Alton Road to the Madison County line, thence South with the said County line to the Clinton County line, thence east to Shoal Creek, thence up said Creek opposite to Andrew Greens to Evan Hentons, from thence to William Stephensons by Mr. Isam Revices, from thence along the leading road from said Revices to the Town of Greenville including all the hands east of the East fork of Shoal Creek excepting John L. Kirkpatrick and Richard H. Kirkpatrick.  

William S. Wait, Esq., Is also appointed Supervisor of the Alton Road commencing at the Madison County line and one quarter of a Mile South of where said road crosses said line from thence east to include John Gilmour, Esqr., from thence to the fork of the St. Louis and said Alton road thence to the Jousey (sic) grove, from thence including Elihu McCords, thence west to the Madison County line, thence west to the beginning.  

We the court do appoint George Donnell, Supervisor of the road leading from Greenville to the Sangamon, and that the following allotment (sic) of hands are allowed him, viz, Commencing at the Public Square in Greenville from thence by the new bridge north of Greenville and that from Hugh Robinson, to Elihu McCords thence west to the Madison County line thence North to the Montgomery County line, thence East along the Montgomery County line to the east fork of Shoal Creek; thence down said Creek

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to the beginning-----including all the hands within the limits of said boundary to work on the Sangamon Road District.

Ordered that the following allotment of hands be allotted for the Vandalia road, (to wit) from the public square in Greenville beginning at the court house in Greenville running from thence with the Sangamon road to the east fork of shoal creek thence up said creek to the Montgomery County line, thence east with said line to the Fayette county line thence with said line to Perryville from thence with the old trace to Greenville, John Williams and Isaac James excepted and that James Durley be appointed Supervisor of said District.  

Ordered that court adjourn till tomorrow morning 9 o’clock.

Robt. McCord

June 7th 1825

Court Met according to adjournment. Present the honorable Robert McCord, William Nelson, and Ransom Gaer.

Ordered that Hosia T. Camp be allowed three dollars State paper for Services rendered is selling a Stray Steer taken up by Jon White.

Order that John White be allowed two dollars for Balance of wintering Stray Steer.  

Ordered that George Davidson be allowed the sum of twelve dollars for boarding guard,

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on the 18th day of April 1825 at the Circuit Court of said term.

The Court taking into consideration the Boundary of the Sangamon District, do consider its limits too extensive for the Convenience of one supervisor, do hereby divide the Aforesaid district as follows (viz) Commencing at the dwelling house of John Pool from thence to Elihu McCords thence west along ad. (said) County line to the east fork of Shoal Creek from thence to the beginning, and that Jonathan Berry, Esqr., be and is hereby appointed Supervisor of said District, and that said Berry’s hand work so low down on said road as the point of timber, or head of Kirkpatrick’s branch north west of Colonel James McClung’s farm.

The Court taking also into Consideration the order made on Yesterday relative to the District allotted John Montgomery call’d the St. Louis Road do hereby divide said district as follows viz Commencing at John Gilmour, Esqr., from thence to Isham Revises, be Stephensons to Evan Westons thence west along said County line to the Madison line, thence North along said County line to the Southern boundary of the



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of the Alton district, thence east along said line to John Gilmour, Esqr., the place of beginning and that Henry Williams, Esqr., is hereby appointed Supervisor of said district.

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