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      Ordered that the following persons Serve as Grand Jurors at the next term of the Bond Circuit Court to be holden at Greenville on the third Monday in September next, Viz, John Russel 1,  Jacob Holbrook 2, William Lindley 3, John Shaw 4, Henry Briggs 5, Joseph Hunter 6, John Nisbit 7, Thomas Song 8, James Song 9, William Downing 10, John Baugh 11, George Davidson 12, McReynolds 18, David Hubbard 19, John Coyle, Senr., 20, Charles Simmons  21, James M. Davis  22, Edward Elim 23,  Thomas Straddle 24. 

     Ordered that the following persons be Summoned to Serve as petit Jury.  Viz, Samuel Barber 1, Elihu McCord 2, George Den(n)y 3,  John Elder 4, Thos. Campbell 5, William White 6, James McClung 7,  James McGahey 8, William Wafer 9, Elisha Lindley 10,    (continued)


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Thomas C. Gillham 11, Andrew Gillespie 12, William F. Sugg 13, Benjamin Inman 14, James Kirkpatrick 15, Jordan Barker 16, Richard White 17, John R. White 18, James White 19, Thos. White 20, John Gilmore, Esqr., 21, James Gilmore, Senr., 22, William Gracy 23, Matthew Henry 24.

     Ordered that a tax of One half per centum is hereby laid for the purpose of road purposes on the taxable property.

     Ordered that each hand working on the road more than the time allowed by law, are hereby allowed the sum of one dollar & fifty cents State paper per day.

     Ordered that Daniel Ferguson and Matthew B. Robinson Keep the new bridge clear of drift wood and for doing so they shall be exempted from further labor on the Road, but not exempted from paying the road tax. 

     Ordered that the letting out of the building of the Jail in the Town of Greenville be on Saturday the 18th of this instant, and Also of the letting out of the building of the bridge over Shoal Creek on the St.Louis road be advertised on the same day—at which place the Commissioners will then meet. 

     On the resignation of Aquilla Sugg, who declines taking the Census of Bond County who were yesterday appointed, we the Judges of said Court received his resignation & proceeded to appoint another person in place of said Aquilla.


     We the Commissioners of Bond County do this day Appoint Hosia R. Camp to take the Census of Bond County.
Ransom Gaer
William Nelson

Saturday, June 18th 1825

     Court met according to adjournment present the Honorable  Robert McCord, William  Nelson, Ransom Gaer, County Commissioners.

     Ordered that the Jail which is had in Contemplation to be built in the Town of Greenville be built of Hewn timber to face a foot square each way, the timber to be 14 feet in  length, the under and upper floor to be made of hewn timber also facing a foot square each way and to be  built ten rounds high, including the seth (?) splate, and to be covered with Joint Shingles Showing six inches H.  The sills to be sunk in the ground to be laid that the floor may lie on the ground when brought to a level.

     Containing one door to be three feet and a half wide and six feet deep,-the shutter to be made of two inch plank, and to be hung with Substantial Iron hinges, to be of sufficient length to reach a cross the door., with an Iron bar to be sufficiently strong for to bar the door—Containing a window of a foot square to contain four grates, to be made of Iron one inch square, and sufficiently and substantially put in,so that they cannot be removed by common exertion.


     Whereas this day McHenry Nisbit & Wm.F.Sugg has this day entered into Bond in the penal sum of Nine hundred and forty eight dollars, Illinois State paper for the purpose of building a bridge over big Shoal Creek at or near Bakers ford, which bridge is to be built on or before the first day of January 1826, and to be built out of good timber such as White oak, Over Cup,& post Oak, which Bridge is to be viewed and received by the County Commissioners of said Bond County when the same shall be completed agreeable to the plan on Record.

Robt. McCord

July 2nd, 1825

     Court this day Met according to Adjournment present the Honorable Robert McCord, William Nelson, (and) Ransom Gaer, County Commissioners.

(editor’s note; the following text was crossed out in the original record; it is recorded here in its original text and the reader should bear in mind that the entry was marked out.)

     And then took into consideration the propriety of receiving the making of window Shutters in lieu of Making a Cornice to the Court housein the Town of Greenville which is built on the public square in said Town.  Which ahs been built by Robert G. White, Esqr., and we do Consider and agree to and with the said Robert G. White, that he should be privileged to make the window shutters, to be made of good plank, and to be made (continued)


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in a workman like manner, and to be double shutters to each window hung with good Sufficient Butt hinges and that the windows in the upper Story be not fill’d with Glass at present, and that the Omission balance against the procuring of the butt hinges, and that this order balance against provision in a bond givin by the said Robert G. White bearing date the 3rd of December 1822 to County Commissioners of said Court Relative to the Counishing of said house, and that he the said Robert G. White be allowed to finish said work on or before the first day of January next.
Robt. McCord

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