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Ledger Page 58

At a County Commissioners Court held at Greenville in Bond County, the 20th of September, 1825. Present the honorable William Nelson, Ransom Gaer, Judges.
Ordered that the report of Richard White and Allen Comer who were appointed Viewers of the St. Louis Road on the 13th of August last be received, & that Henry Williams, Esqr., be Supervisor of the said road—as heretofore appointed.
Ordered that the following hands be allowed Henry Williams, Esqr., commencing at John Smiths, thence down the dividing ridge between Shoal Creek, and Beaver Creek to the Clinton County line, thence west to the Madison County line, thence North to the Alton district, thence to Judge Gilmores thence to William Young thence to John John Smith the Place of the Beginning.
Ordered that John Montgomery, Esqr., be allowed the following allotment of hands viz. Commencing at the Court house in the Town of Greenville in the public square of said Town, commencing at John Gilmores, Esquirer, from thence to William Nelsons Including all the Hunters, except David, the Nisbits, Allen Comer, and all those marked on his road tax list. SC
Ordered that Elisha Blanchard have licensed and permission to retail Spiritous liquors at his Store in the Town of Greenville for the space of one year Commencing on the first of this Instant at the following rates viz. Whiskey per half pint 12 ½ Cents, Rum, wine and Brandy 25 Cents per half pint, It is also further ordered that the said Elisha Blanchard pay the treasurer the sum of five dollars.
No. 25 Iss. Ordered that Asahel Enloe be allowed the sum of ten dollars.

Ordered that Court Adjourn till Court in Course. William Nelson

Agreeably to an Order of Court Made this 26th of October 1825
Ordered that Elisha Freeman and Samuel Parr be and is hereby appointed Overseers of the Poor
In Town Sevvan, Range two west of the third Principal Meridian for one year Commencing from the 5th of September last past. Done by Order of Court

Wm. Nelson
Ransom Gaer


County of Bond for the Year 1825. To individuals by order of Court

Felix Margraves Issued 11.50
John Johnson Issued 30.00
John Short Issued 1.00
James Kirkpatrick Issued 4.50
Robert Black (Const) Issued 3.00
Robert Cook (Const) Issued 3.00
Robert McCord Issued 6.42
Jacob Holebrook Issued 1.62 ½
Isham Revice Issued 1.00
Hosia T. Camp Issued 3.00
John White not Issued 2.00
George Davidson Issued 12.00
Ezekiel Enloe Con) Issued 2.50
Hugh T. White Issued 2.00
Joseph Oliver Isued 38.37 ½
Robert Blackwell 1.37 ½
County of Bond Issued 7.50
Robert W. Denny Issued 24.00
Samuel Houston Issued 11.62 ½
Ransom Gaer Issued 10.00
Robert G. White Issued 40.00
William Nelson Issued 8.00
James B. Rutherford (Issued) 60.00
Asahel Enloe (Issued) 10.00
Subtotal 294.42
Robert McCord Issued 4.50
Subtotal 298.92
Robert McCord (Issued) 2.50
Total 301.42


State of Illinois
December term, Dec. 5th 1825
Bond County

At a County Commissioners Court held for Bond County, present the Honorable William Nelson and Ransom Gaer, County Commissioners

John Gilmore, Esqr., paid over to the Sheriff of Bond County as treasurer of said County the sum of $o.37 ½ Cts. In Specie in lieu of $1 State paper, which is Collected for profane swearing.
No. 26 Issued Ordered that Jonathan Berry, Esqr. Be allowed twelve dollars for Services as Supervisor of the Sangamon road district.
No. 27 Ordered that Matthew B. Robinson (Issued) be allowed $3, James Robinson (Issued) $1, Milton Robinson (Issued) $3, David M. Robinson (Issued)$1, Samson H. Robinson (Issued) $2, Gideon Robinson $3, George Donnel (Issued) $2, Robert G. White $1, John White $2, Isham Young $2, John Ellis $2, William White (Issued) $3, James McClung (Is’d) $5, Shephard Moore (Is’d)$2, Robert W. Moore (Is’d) $2, Aaron Thompson (Is’d) $1, John H. Laughlin $2, John McGaby (Is’d) $3, Robert Logan (Is’d) $1, James McGabey (Is’d” $1, James W. Willis (Issued) $3, Wm. M. Stewart (Issued) $3, James G. Laughling (Issued) $2, Hugh McReynolds (Issued) $3.

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