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Ledger Page 59


     No. 28  Iss’d,  Ordered that Joshua Barker be allowed five dollars fifty Cents for Services as Constable in taking a man to Jail.

     Ordered that $0.12 ½ be received from John Montgomery as a Road tax.


     Ordered that James Durley be allowed nine dollars for Services as Supervisor of the Vandalia Road.  Issued in full.

     Ordered that George Donnell be allowed two dollars and thirty three & half Cents for  a Supervisor of road.

      Ordered that John Montgomery be allowed the sum of Seven dollars and sixty seven half Cents for a Supervisor of road.

     Ordered that Thomas Hunter, John & Joseph Hunters & Samuel Eblin NC, be Added to John Montgomerys allotment of hands, & that said Montgomery Continue to open said road until it intersects a straight line running from Judge John Gilmores to Mr. William Youngs. 

     Ordered that Court Adjourn until tomorrow morning nine Oclock.

     Court Met according  to adjournment present the Honorable William Nelson (and) Ransom Gaer, Judges.


December Term 1825

The County of Bond for the Year 1825.  To Individuals by Order of Court.

To Amount brought over   $301.42
       Jonathan Berry, Esqr. Issued 12.00
       Matthew B. Robinson Issued  3.00
       James Robinson  Iss. 1.00
       Milton Robinson  Iss.  3.00
       David M. Robinson  Iss. 1.00
       Samson H. Robinson  Iss.  2.00
       Gideon Robinson Issued  3.00
       George Donnell Issd.  2.00
       Robert G. White Issued 1.00
       John White Issd. 2.00
       Isham Young Issd.  2.00
       John Ellis Issued 2.00
       William White Issd. 3.00
       James McClung Issd. 5.00
       Shephard Moore Issd.  2.00
       Robert W. Moore Issued 2.00
       Aaron Thompson Issued 1.00
       John N. Laughlin Issd. 2.00
       John McGahey Issd. 3.00
       Robert Logan Iss. 1.00
       James McGahey Issued 1.00
       James W. Willis Issd. 3.00
       Wm. M. Stewart (Issued) 3.00
       James G. Laughlin Is. 2.00
      Hugh McReynolds Issd. 3.00
      Joshua Barker Issd.  5.50
      James Durley Iss. 9.00
      Henry Williams Issd. 10.58
      George Donnel Isd. 2.33 ½
      John Montgomery Isd. 7.67 ½
Amount   401.50


    Ordered that Colonel James McClung, John Hunt, & David Hubbard be & is hereby appointed Viewers of a road Running as follows  (viz)  Commencing in the Town of Greenvile, thence through  Mr. Beck’s old field, thence a little North of Thomas S. Waddles, Thence through Dr. Henry Perrins field, a little north of the house, Thence a little South of what is called Wheelocks Old Mill, Thence a cross a Creek called the mud Camp, Thence a cross the east fork of Shoal Creek to the West Fork at Benjamin Johnsons Bridge, thence about ¾ of a mile till said road intersects the old road & which road has lately been staked & Cut out and report to the County Commissioners Court at March term next.

     Ordered that David Nowlin, Clerk of our Circuit Court be allowed ten dollars & eighty eight Cents specie or its Value in Illinois State Paper, his fees in the Cases of the people vs. William Henson on recosnezances, the same on Elisha Whitley, Assault & battery the same vs. Samuel Durley Assault & battery. 

     Ordered that David Nowlin be allowed the sum of nine dollars ten & three fourth Cents specie or its value in State paper his fees in the following cases viz.  The people vs. David Lustur & Polly Nichols, indictment for fornication.  The same va. The same Adultry, The same or Isham young for an affray. 

     Ordered that David Nowlin  be allowed the sum of ten dollars twelve & half Cents specie or its value in State paper his fees in the following cases, viz.


The people vs. Jesse Combs, Indictment for an Affray.  The same vs. Cox & Arnold, Indictment for Larceny.  The same vs. Jordan Parker on recognezances. 

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