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Ledger Page 71


     Ordered that Joseph McAdams be and is hereby appointed supervisor of the Carlile Road District, and it is also further Ordered that the same boundary which were allowed John Short in an Order made at the March term of said Court A.D. 1826, be the boundary now allowed except Isham Revise, and it is furthered Ordered that said Supervisor keep Open & in repair all public highways passing thro’ said District.


     Ordered that Court adjourn to tomorrow morning at nine o'clock,
        Henry Williams
        Robert W. Denny
        Sam Houston

March 7th 1827

    Court met Pursuant to adjournment. Present the Honorable Henry Williams, Samuel Houston (and) Robert W. Denny, Judges.

    Ordered that the affidavid of Hosia T. Camp be entered on record as followeth,

State of Illinois
Bond County

    Personally came before me the undersigned an acting justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid Hosia T. Camp and made oath in due form of Law that he has either lost or mislaid an order Granted to Wiatt Stubblefield by the County Commissioners Court Afforesaid for the Sum of one hundred & twenty five dollars for digging a well in the Town of Greenville at their June term 1824 and Credit



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    Given on for eighty three dollars and thirty three and one third Cents…………………………………Hosia T. Camp

    Given under my hand this 6th day of March 1827.

     Ordered that Hosia T. Camp be allowed forty one dollars and sixty six & two Cents balance of the above described Order. Issued May 19th, 1827.
Henry Williams (seal)

     Ordered that the report of John McNair & John McAdams who were appointed viewers at the December term last, who came into Court and reported that their review upon oath as follows, commencing at the public square in the Town of Greenville, thence Running along the New St. Louis road, running by Becks old place near Greenville, thence along said road so far as the forks of the road near to Robert Gillespies old place, thence leaving the St. Louis road be James & John Smiths thence by Isham Revises, by Andrew Greens, thence to Joneses ford on Shoal Creek to William Burgess thence to James Nantys on the Locust fork, at what is called the old trace, which they Consider as a Road of Public Utility.

    Ordered that Andrew Green be and is hereby appointed Supervisor of the above Road, and the following boundary be allowed said Supervisor, Commencing at Thomas Long, thence to Isham Revises including said Revises, thence by Evan Hentons not to include said Hentons, Thence crossing Shoal creek to McHenry Nisbitts not including him, thence to James Nanty, thence South to the Clinton County line, thence crossing Shoal Creek to the middle of the prairie between said creek and Beaver Creek, thence up the dividing prairie between said Creeks, to James Smith, thence to the place of beginning also further ordered that those persons who subscribed the petition by which above road were granted work each one day on said road when called upon by the above supervisor



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and also ordered that those who subscribed the petition, that their names be entered on record, who are as follows viz, Richard West, William Burgess, Andrew Green, George Green, Royal H. Babcok, Jeremiah Stubblefield, Marvel Hix, Wm. Cole, Benjamin Bowling, James Myers, Lerubabel Peterson, Adwin Peterson, Edwin Peterson, Charles Cole, Webster Nanty, John Gillespie, James Nanty, Isaac Reid, McHenry Nisbitt, William Buber, William Moore, Philip Hubbard, Evan Henton, Moses Henton, Isham Revis, Lachariah Revis, Charles W. Hunt, Jesse Hunt, Joseph Critchfield, Thomas Long, Robert Cock, William Blizzard, James Hix, Peter Long, John Sterling, John Short, William Downing, and that the clerk of this court when he issues this order to the above supervisor insert the names of the above petitioners in said Order.

     Ordered that the following persons serve as grand Jurors at the next April term of the circuit Court to be holden at Greenville in the County of Bond on the Second Monday in April next viz, Robert McCord Senr., 1, John Shaw 2, Ransom Gaer 3, James S. McCord 4, Josiah N. Alexander 5, Andrew Moody 6, Peter Hubbard 7, David Hunter 8, Holloway Prater 9, James White 10, Thomas Wafer 11, John Russel 12, James Myers 13, Jesse Margraves 14, Hugh Robinson 15, John Williams 16, John Smith 17, Andrew G. Mills 18, Richard West 19, Robert G. White 20, Daniel File 21, John Prickett Senr., 22, Joseph Bilyeu Senr., 223, Robert Diamond 24.

     Ordered that following persons serve as Petit Jurors at the next April term of the Circuit Court to be holden at the Court house in the Town of Greenville on the second Monday in said month (viz) George Donnell 1, James B. McCord 2, James Denny 3, Milton Robinson 4, Ephraim Rossin 5, Andrew Finley 6, John Coyle Senr.,7 Samuel D. Stallard 8, Isaac Reid 9, Robert J. Gaston 10, Gideon Robinson 11, Shepherd Moore 12, James Johnston Junr., 13, Fountain Gaer 14, Eljah Rutherford 19, Warren Birdsel 20, William McAdams 21, John Henry 22, Thomas S. Waddle 23, Barnabas Riley 24.


     Ordered that Hosia T. Camp be allowed six dollars and forty four & one fourth Cents Taxes of those who have removed from the County and whose taxes he the said Camp has accounted for.
    Issued May 15th 1827.

     Ordered that Hosiah T. Camp be and is hereby authorized to procure a sufficient Lock and bolt for the doors of the Court house, ad cause good sufficient strips to be affixed to each Window in said house, to preserve the Glass from following, for which he is directed to make his charge & present t the Court when the work shall be completed.

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