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Ledger Page 79


A Special Term Held 15 April 1828. Monday Morning 15th April 1828 Court met,
Present the Hon. Henry Williams, John Russel (and) Robert W. Denny,

William Downing presented a petition of Sundry inhabitants of Bond County prayers for
The vacation and alteration of the road leading from Greenville to Carlysle beginning at Baker’s Creek running thence by Andrew G. Mill’s, thence by William Downings thence to the Clinton County line so as to intersect the Clinton County road and that James Smith, James McCaslin and Joseph McAdams be appointed reviewers of said road and locate the same agreeable to order if the same can be done to the advantage of the public and make return to the County Commissioners Court at their next term.
Note: $2.25 Cents deposited by William Downing.
James Robinson made application for an alteration of that part of the Samgamon road that leads through his land. Ordered that John B. White, Daniel Hunter, and Robert G. White be appointed viewers and make return according to Law. Note $1.50 Cents Deposited by James Robinson.

several inhabitants of Bond County having prayed for a cart road leading from the Clinty County line at or near the plantation of the Widow Moore, thence Northwardly to ward Greenville, so as to intersect the public road at or near the plantation of Andrew G. Mills’s that leads from Greenville to Carlisle and that John Hunt, John McAdams, and Hugh McCaslin be appointed Viewers of said road and make report at the next term of the County Commissioners Court. Note 1.50 Cents Deposited by Ignatious Anderson.
No. 44 Paid $48.50 Ordered that Thomas Stout Esqr. Be allowed the sum of forty eight Dollars and fifty Cents for furnishing Twenty five hundred feet of Black oak plank and five hundred feet of Walnut plank and sixty feet of handrailing for the Court House in Greenville.
No. 45 Paid $0.50 Ordered that Daniel Ferguson be allowed fifty Cents for moving the Desk Table & from the old office.

No. 46 Paid Issued to I. Pool $1.00 Ordered that Robertson H. Stepenson be allowed the sum of One Dollar for services rendered said County as Constable in attending on the Grand Jury ata the September Term 1827.
No. 47 Paid Issued $6.50 Ordered that John Maddox be allowed the sum of six dollars and fifty Cents for filling the wells and repairing the Estray pen in the Town of Greenville.
Ordered that Court adjourn until Court in Course. John Russel, Henry Williams, (and) Robert W. Denny.
June term 3rd, 1828
Monday Morning June 3rd, 1828 Court Met pursuant to adjournment, present the Hon. Henry Williams, John Russel, & Robt. W. Denny, Com.
Ordered that Robert G. White, Hezekaih Archer, and William Downing be appointed Judges of the General Election to be held in Greenville.
Ordered that David McCord, Robert McCord, and John Shaw be appointed Judges of the General Election in the McCord precinct.
Ordered that the following named persons serve on the Grand Jury at the next term of our Circuit Court (viz.) 1. Josiah N. Alexander, 2 George Donnell, Junr., 3 Alexander Glenn, 4 John Barber, 5 Humphrey Jett, 6 Joab Watson, 7 Aaron Thompson, 8 Alexander Stewart, 9 William P. Watson, 10 Thomas Spratt, 11 John Sterling, 12 Ichabod J. Tesdale, 13 Thomas White, 14 Adwin Peterson, 15 George File, 16 Noah Sugg, 17 William Mills, 18 Elijah Clouse, 19 Stephan T. Beeman, 20 Robert Cook, 21 James Black, 22 Absalom Matthews, 23 John McGahey.
Ordered that the following named persons serve on the petit jury at the next term of the
Circuit Court, viz. 1 Thomas Cline, 2 Noah A. Sugg, 3 Jordan Barker, 4 Alexander P. White, 5 Moses File, 6 Edwin Peterson, 7 John McReynolds, 8 Mason French, 9 William Clouse, 10 James Raney, 11 Elisha Matthews, 12 John Harris, 13 Milton Mills, 14 John Cockheart, 15 William Seagrest, 16 Abraham Anthony, 17 Samuel Carter, 18 Harrison Foster, 19 George Webster, 20 Robert Clark, 21 James Willaford, 22 Robert Moore, 23 Bennett Seagraves, 24 Robert McCord 3rd.
This day came Joseph McAdams, James Smith, and James McCaslin, who were appointed viewers of a road petitioned for leading from Greenville to Carlyle, beginning at Bakers Creek, running thence by Andrew G. Mills thence by William Downings, thence to the Clinton County line, so as to intersect the Clinton County line, report that they have proceeded to review said road, and that they believe that said road to be a necessary public road be established according to the report between the points of intersection be vacated.
No. 48 Issued Paid $2.00 Ordered that James M. Gillespie be allowed the sum of two Dollars for two days services as Constable at the April Term of the Circuit Court 1818.
    This day came John McAdams, Hugh McCaslin, and John Hunt who were appointed to view a cart way, petitioned for and made the following report.  We the viewers report the we have proceeded to view said road and locate the same as follows, (to wit) beginning at a Spanish Oak on the Clinton County line near the plantation of Widow Moore, thence running with the old road crossing the branch in Morrisons point at the present ford, thence Northward with the old trace (or road) to intersect the road running from Greenville to Carlyle at the branch between William Downings and Andrew G. Mills.  And it is Ordered by the Court that said Road be established according to the report of the viewers. 

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