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Ledger Page 92

(to wit) Receipts into the Treasury during the last year……..$679.74 cents
Expendatures at the Treasury during the Same time……….$511.20 ¼
Cash Remaining in the Treasury $168.53 ¾ Ad. Amount $679.74
No. 139 Issued $10.22 Ordered that John Gilmore be allowed ten Dollars and twenty two Cents his commission on $511.20 ¼ Cents paid out of the Treasury by him as Treasurer during the last year.
Ordered that Court Adjourn until tomorrow morning nine o'clock.
March 3rd. Met pursuant to adjournment. Present the Hon. Henry Williams, John Russel, (and) Robert W. Denny, Com.
March Term 3rd 1830
Ordered that John Gilmore be appointed Treasurer for the County of Bond for the year one thousand Eight hundred and Thirty who appeared and gave Bond with Samuel White and William Durley, Securities the Bond Filed, March 3rd 1830, Oath Filed Same Date.
No. 140 Issued $1.00 Ordered that Hosia T. Camp Clerk of the Circuit Court be allowed one Dollar for Stationary for the use of Sd. Court.
No. 141 Issued Total $4.50 I, James E. Rankin, Clerk do cirtify that Henry Williams is Entitled to Four Dollars and fifty cents for all Services as County Commissioner Including this day.
No. 143 Issued $6.00 I, James E. Rankin, Clerk do certify that Robert W. Denny is entitled to Six Dollars for all Services as Commissioners Including this day.
No. 144 Issued $6.00 I, James E. Rankin, Clerk do Certify that John Russel is entitled to Six dollars for all Services as Commissioner Including this day.
Ordered that Court Adjourn until Court is in Course. The Hon John Russel (and) Robert W. Denny, Com. James E. Rankin, Clerk Protempore.
June term 1830

The Court met in the Courthouse June 7th Present John Russel, Henry Williams, and Robert W. Denny, Commissioners.
James E. Rankin, Clerk Protempore of said Court presented his resignation which was accepted.
Ordered that the County of Bond Shall form but one Election Precinct and the Election is held in the Court house by two sets of Judges.
Ordered that William Downing, James S. McCrod, & Samuel Parr be appointed Judges to hold an Election in the Southwest Corner of the Court house. And Robert G. White, Benjamin Johnson and John Buchannan be appointed Judges to hold an Election in the Southeast corner of the court house.
Ordered that the following named persons be summoned to Serve on the Grand Jury at the September Term of the Circuit Court, 1 Barnabas Riley, 2 William Stewart, 3 Tachariah Harris,
4 Jesse McAdams, 5 James T. Stewart, 6 Saml. Smith, 7 Alexander Buie, 8 Alexr. Glenn, 9 John Browning, 10 James Stokes, 11 Andrew Williams, 12 And. Finley, 13 Robert Diamond, 14 Robert Blevin, 20 Ransom Gaer, 21 William Craig, 22, John Morrow, 23 James Ford.
Ordered that the following names be summoned to serve on the Petit Jury at the next September Term of the circuit court (to wit), 1 James Wafer, 2 William Davis, 3 James W. Robinson, 4 John H. McCord, 5 John D. Alexander, 6 James Gannon, 7 Dudley Milam, 8 Alexander Denny, 9 Elisha Lindley, 10 Milton Robinson, 11 John A. Laws, 12 Joseph Johns, 13 James McAdams, 14 William Blizzard, 15 Ezekiel Enloe, 16 John McNair, 17 John R. Smelley, 18 James Berry, 19 James Potts, 20 John N. Laughlin, 21 Hugh McReynolds, 22 Stringer Potts, 23 William Maunan, 24 William N. Young.
Ordered that James S. McCord be appointed Commissioner to take the census of Bond County for the year 1830.
James Durley, entered into bond with William M. Stewart, James McCaslin, Lawson H. Robinson, William Durley and James McGahey securities and was appointed Clerk of the County Commissioners Court of Bond County and was sworn into Office according to law.
No. 144 Issued $2.00 Ordered that Balaam Hicks be allowed two dollars for two days attendance on the Circuit Court as Constable at the April Term 1830.

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