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Ledger Page 102


December Term 1831
At a County Commissioners Court begun and held at the Court House in Greenville on monday
The 5th day of December 1831. Present John Russell and Robt. W. Denny, Coms.
James Wafer, Dudley Milam and Saml. W. Denny who were appointed to view & locate a road from Alexander Dennys to intersect the Sangamon road, reported that they have performed that duty and located the road as follows- Commencing at A. Denny’s; thence East with the old road to the ford at the Creek thence to the South side of J.N. Alexander’s field—thence to Bear Creek thence taking up the ridge North of James Wafer’s farm so as to intersect the old road about 80 poles North of Wafer’s, thence with said old road to the Praire, thence between
the farms of Sarceneh & Moore on the North and Gannon on the South so as to intersect the Sangamon road near R. Beaches.
Ordered that the above road be a private Cartway, and that it be opened and kept in good repair according to Law.
Asahel Enloe & John Margrave who were appointed to view and locate a road from Milton Robinsons to the Montgomery line, near the four Hickories, mad their Report favorably to the location of said Road and James McGahey & George Donnell presented a remonstrance against said road & praying for a Review, which was withdrawn.
Ordered that the Report of said Viewers be accepted, and the said Road laid out pursuant to said Report.
No. 260 $2.12½ Iss. Ordered that James Davis be allowed two dollars, twelve and one half cents for dieting, lodging, committing and discharging Thomas Gladden.
No. 261 $20.00 No. 262 $10.00 Ordered that Thomas Stout be allowed thirty dollars for plank to cover the bridge on the East fork near Strout’s mill, the plank to be one and three quarter inches thick.
No. 263 $3.00 to J. Gilmore. Ordered that Isaac Snodgrass be allowed three dollars, for three days attendance as Constable at the Circuit Court.
No. 264 $3.00 to J. Gilmore Ordered that William Manning be allowed three dollars for the same service.
No. 265 $3.00 to J.G. Ordered that John T. Hunter be allowed three dollars for the same service.
Ordered that Court adjourn till 9 Oclock tomorrow.
Tuesday, December 6th, 1831
The Court met pursuant to adjournment. Present the same commissioners as yesterday.
No. 266 #2.00 Iss. Ordered that William Rice be allowed two dollars for two days attendance as Sheriff on this Court at the last September Term.
Ordered that the following persons be appointed Trustees of the School Lands, To Wit,

Alexander Elam )
For Range 2W T6 Wm. M. Hunter ) Trustees
    Robert Diamond )

C.W. Hunt )
“ Range 3 T4 James McCaslin ) Trustees
Andrew G. Mills )
Evin Fmiss )
For Range 3 T5 Allen Comer ) Trustees
H. Briggs )
Wm. White )
 “ Range 3 T6 James McGahey ) Trustees
John Margrave )
 “ Range 4 T4 Wm. Burgess        )
Wm. Mills ) Trustees
Isaac Reed, Jr. )
Henry File )
 “ Range 4 T5 H. Archer ) Trustees
Tho. Brown )
D. Douglass )
 “ Range 4 T6 Richd. Bentley ) Trustees
J.S. McCord )
Ansel Brige was appointed Commissioner of the Scholl Lands in Bond County, who (continued)
entered into Bond as the Law directs, with Seth Blanchard, Samuel White, James Durley, and James B. Rutherford his securities.

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