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Ledger Page 103


Ordered that the Rate of Interest for School Money Shall be twenty per Cent per annum.
No. 267 $12.00 Iss. Ordered that Thomas Morgan be allowed twelve dollars for services
in State Cases, as Deputy Clerk for H.T. Camp up to this date.
No 268 $3.00 Iss. Ordered that Asahel Enloe be allowed three dollars for Surveying a Road from Greenville to the County line in the direction for Hillsborough.
On a Petition of Sundry Citizens, it is ordered that the County Road leading from Greenville by Gilham’s Mill to the County line, be discontinued.
Ordered that the Court adjourn till 9 O'clock Tomorrow.
Wednesday, December 7th
Court met pursuent to adjournment. Present the same Commissioners as on yesterday.
No. 269 $0.12½ Iss. Ordered that C.W. Hunt be allowed twelve and one half cents for a poll book furnished at the Election for Justices in August 1831.
The resignation of James Durley as Clerk of this Court was received & accepted to take affect at the expiration of this term.
James Gilmore, Dpty. Sheriff of Bond County …………………………………………………Dr.
To amt. of Tax list in his hands for Collection to wit. On Lands…$393.65½
On Personal Property………………………………………… 286.77½
Whole Amount……………………………………………………… $680.43
No. 270, 271, 272 Total $13.50 Issued and Paid. Note: John Russell received a Certificate for thirteen dollar & fifty cents for nine days services as County Commissioner up to this date.
No. 273, 274 Total $4.50 Issued. Note: R.W.Denny received a certificate for four dollars and fifty cents for three days Services as County Commissioner up to this date.
No. 275 $6.25 Iss. Ordered that James Gilmore be allowed three dollars for three days attendance as Sheriff on the last Circuit Court three dollars for three days attendance on this Court at this term and twenty five cents for this Court.
No. 276, 277, Total $14.50 All Issued. Ordered that James Durley be allowed ten dollars for ex-officia Services up to this time, and four dollars & fifty cents for three days Services as Clerk of this Court at this term.
Williard Fmiss was appointed Clerk of this Court and entered into bond, with his Securities as the Law directs, for the performance of his duties as such and in open Court was duly qualified into Office.
No. 278 $30.00 Issued and Paid. Ordered that the Clerk of this Court be required to issue for thirty dollars as order to J. B. Rutherford, whenever he is satisfied that James Davis & Daniel Roger have complied with their contract entered into with said Rutherford to dig a well in Greenville.
Ordered that Court adjourn till Court in Course. R.W. Denny (and) John Russell.
March Term 1832
At a County Comrs. Court held in the Court house in the Town of Greenville on Monday the 5th day of March 1832. Present John Russel & R.W. Denny, Commissioners.

No. 279 $1.00 Iss. Ordered that John Denny be alloed One dollar for services rendered in viewing and laying off a road from Greenville to the County in a direction from Hillsboro.
A petition being presented and read fro an alteration in the Carlyle road near Greenville
Thos. Stout, Samuel White, and Philip Hubbard were appointed Viewers.
Thos. Morgan & Harmon McCaslin deposited $1.50 cts. With the Clerk.
Samuel White & Philip Hubbard who were appointed to make the review above named mad(e)
The following report to the Committee report favourable for the Amendment of the Carlyle road as spicified in the Order (to wit) Beginning at the public square, Thence to the N.W. Corner between Morgan and Durleys thence South with their line to the line between McCaslin & Twiss to their south boundary Thence S.W. to intersect the old road near the first branch of the prairie.
Ordered that said road (continued from above) be opened two poles wide and that the roads between the points of intersection be discontinued.
The following are the Grand Jury: 1 James Blizzard, 2 Alexander Myatt, 3 Henry File, 4 Andrew Carson, 5 H.T. White, 6 John W. Barr, 7 Saml. Black, 8 James Duneway, 9 John Reeves, 10 Charles Wood, 11 Robert McClelland, 12 Alese Freeman, 13 Daniel Grigg, 14 Chas. Simmons, 15 Archibald Bernethy, 16 Jacob Prickett, 17 James Clanton, 18 Ephram Brawly, 19 J.B. McCord, 20 John A. Mclean, 21 Daniel Ferguson, 22 Hugh McCaslin, 23 Jeptha West.

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