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Joseph GRIGG

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6.898 Martha Grigg, widow and Alexander Grigg, and Elizabeth W. Grigg -
Children and heirs at law of
Joseph W. Grigg dec'd
late a Private in Captain Sellar's Company
3rd Reg Illinois Vols
11.999 ---[illegible]
March 7th / 48
To J. Bradford, Greenville, Ills.
Registered [illegible] 34 page 40

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Brief in the case of the children of Joseph W. GRIGG, dec'd, who was a private of Capt. Sellers' Company, 3rd Regt, Ills Vols.
Bond County and State of Illinois
Feby 3, 1853
and June 3, 1858

Claim, ("original," or "for increas.") for arrears and renewal
Proof exhibited, (if original.)
Is it documentary, traditionary, or supported by rolls? If either, state the Substance.

The Widow, Martha Grigg, was pensioned under Act of July 21, 1848 for five years ending 25 Feby 1852, and said pension was renewed under Act Feby 3, 1853, for five years longer, but she again married on the 22 January 1856.

Declaration of Martha Kimbro, before a J.P. of Bond Co., Ills. 19 Oct 1859 - is the Guardian of Elizabeth W. Grigg and Alexander Grigg, only children of Joseph W Grigg, dec'd, who was a private of Company E, 3rd Regt Ills Vols during the war with Mexico - states when he entered the service and when he was killed therein (25 Feby 1847) that deponent received a pension under the Acts of 1848 and 1853, but married Daniel Kimbro on the 22 Jany 1856 - makes application for pension as guardian of the two children above referrred to.

Two witnesses testify to the identity of the Guardian
To wit aff't of two witnesses showing that they have examined the Family Bible of Joseph W. Grigg dec'd and find the name.

J D Wilson, Examining Clerk

Name and Evidence of Agent
W J Conkling
Springfield, ILLS

Springfield, Ills Nov 23/59

Dear Sir:

Your letter of 3rd I am returning Enclosed Application for correction was duly read - I have had the same carefully corrected as required

In reply to your inquiry “Why did the Guardian in her two former declarations omit the Initial letter E. which she now uses" I have to say that when I saw her and had her make out her papers for the Bal[ance] due her to the date of her marriage, I had her write her name as written in the Pension Certificates but when she made out the papers as Guardian the initial E. Occurring in the Record of her appointment as Guardian as well as in her Family Record of her Marriage and the Public Record of her Marriage, I had her insert it so that her name would be alike wherever it occurred. She informed me that previously to be short she omitted the letter E. which she then used for the name above stated.

The application being now complete I shall be happy soon to receive the pension Certificates to be issued thereon.

Yours Very Respectfully

Wm J Conkling

Hon. Geo W. Whiting
[illegible] Pensions
Washington D C

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