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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing

The National Archives made the entire 98-page 1946 publication available to download and view.

Serial Number
Type of Casualty
BAKER, Earl M16074561CPLKilled in Action
BARTH, Arthur R36909686TEC5Died non-battle
BENEFIEL, Earl O36782847PVTKilled in Action
BRAY, Claude V36757075PVTKilled in Action
BROWN, Benell T36438429PFCKilled in Action
BRYANT, Dallas36684898PFCKilled in Action
CARTMELL, Thomas E0-7740162 LTKilled in Action
CLAYTON, Eldon C36445148PVTKilled in Action
CRAVENS, Stanley G36078195PFCKilled in Action
CRUTHIS, Chalmer M36313615SGTKilled in Action
DAUM, William R0-7014101 LTDied non-battle
FERGUSON, John F0-7536371 LTDied non-battle
HASTINGS, Elmer A36077378S SGKilled in Action
HAYES, John M0-200124LT CDied non-battle
HOFFMAN, Merlvin L16073013PVTDied non-battle
HUSTAVA, John P36483271CPLKilled in Action
KLEINIK, Floyd K36074690PVTKilled in Action
LAKE, Allan L020603181 LTKilled in Action
McCASLIN, Laurel36079045PFCKilled in Action
McGuire, Carl J36483284PVTFinding of Death
MORGAN, James B36059118S SGKilled in Action
NELSON, Ralph V36074761S SGKilled in Action
OWENS, Orville36078221PFCKilled in Action
PAULDING, John E36438394CPLDied non-battle
PORTER, Kenneth R16039515PVTKilled in Action
REDENBO, Virgil C36959918PVTDied of Wounds
RICKFELDER, Marvin L36959915PVTKilled in Action
RIEDEMANN, Lloyd H0-7030081 LTDied non-battle
SANDRETTO, John 6975994PFCKilled in Action
SCHMIDT, Ralph L L0-4038181 LTFinding of Death
SETTLES, William E20622567SGTKilled in Action
SHAFFER, Howard C36720790TEC4Died non-battle
SHARPE, Raymond H36619920PFCKilled in Action
SHEFFER, Austin T36833300PFCKilled in Action
SIEVER, Clarence R36695424PVTDied of Wounds
STOWE, Charl H 6912323S SGKilled in Action
TEPATTI, William F36483289S SGKilled in Action
THOMASON, June R36432375PFCKilled in Action
TWYMAN, Robert C0-020946MAJDied non-battle
VanETTEN, James R16039671SGTFinding of Death
VOLKMAR, Forest W36077370PFCKilled in Action
WALDEN, Estell E36684870PVTKilled in Action
WALKER, Jack W0-4536911 LTKilled in Action
WEATHERFORD, James T0-7756721 LTDied non-battle
WEBSTER, Homer U36480377PFCKilled in Action
WILLIAMS, Frank B37109634PVTKilled in Action
WINTERS, Roscoe E36077365PFCKilled in Action
WISE, Mervin H36380360SGTKilled in Action

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