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Carson Funeral Notice Collection

13 Oct 1957
John Pasquale Accornero
Aged 79y 6m 25d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron
Theodore Ahrens
Born 04 Mar 1881
Died 08 Dec 1920
23 Jul 1960
Albert John Ammann
Aged 78y 7m 17d
Hug Cemetery, Millersburg
18 May 1926
Mrs. Anna Ammann (nee Staffen)
Aged 61y 4m 13d
Sugg Cemetery
  19 Mar 1939
Christian Ammann
Aged 87y 15d
Hug Cemetery, Millersburg
Christian Ammann
Born 04 Mar 1852
Pallbearers: Tommy Hooper, Earl Clayton, Darrel Ammann, Lester Ammann, George Grob, Harry Haberer
08 Mar 1930
Mrs. Louisa Ammann (nee Weiss)
Aged 77y 18d
Hug Cemetery
14 Jun 1961
Mrs. Ellen Baldwin
Aged 78y 3m 11d
Hug's Cemetery
26 Apr 1928
William H Baldwin
Aged 47y 7m 22d
Hug Cemetery
Bernice O. Baumann
Born 08 Aug 1912
Died 26 Mar 1969
Mary Magdalena Baumann
Born 01 Jun 1864
Died 18 Mar 1963
13 Oct 1918, Camp Custer, Michigan
Adolph C Berner
Aged 26y 2m 1d, Born 12 Aug 1892, Baden Baden, Illinois
Hug Cemetery
19 Dec 1916
Jacob Berner, Sr.
Aged 75y 9m 10d
Hug Cemetery
19 Aug 1948
Mrs. A Bock (nee Pierron)
Aged 75y 19d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron
Mrs. A. Bock
Born 20 Jul 1873, Pierron, Illinois
Died 19 Aug 1948, Highland, Illinois
Pallbearers: Chas. Widman, Louis Mollet, John Schreiber, Robert Schreiber, Joseph Spengel, Oliver Gruenenfelder 
26 Nov 1915
Casper William Britt
Aged 64y 6m 21d
Robinson Cemetery
26 Aug 1946, Pocahontas, Illinois
Joseph Samuel "Pink" Carson
Aged 77y 10m 2d
Robinson Cemetery
Mrs. Effie J. Childerson, widow of Oscar Childerson, passed away at her home near Millersburg at 6:15 p. m., Sunday, Feb. 3, 1952, aged 79 years, nine months and 15 days. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p. m., Wednesday, Feb. 6, at the Mt. Carmel church, the Rev. Paul Mabry officiating. Interment will be at the Green cemetery. Friends may call at the Dewey & Son Mortuary.
John Delaurenti, Sr. passed away at 6:15 a.m. Sunday May 10, 1959 at St. Joseph Hospital, Highland Ill. He was aged 74 years, 4 months, and 11 days. Funeral services will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday May 13 at the Pocahontas Methodist Church, The Rev. William Leckrone officiating. Interment will be at Robinson Cemetery. Friends may call after 4 p.m. Monday at the Gillespie Funeral Home, Pocahontas. 
24 Apr 1913
Valentine Doll
Aged 78y 22d
Calvery Cemetery
29 Aug 1928
Frank M. Ethridge
Aged 69y 6m 7d
Wilds Cemetery
28 Jul 1969
Alvin Moses File
Born 15 Aug 1880, Aged 88y 11m 13d
Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Casket Bearers: Louis Brown, Clifton Sidwell, Clarence Wall, Harold E Brown, Owen Brown, Edward Ohren
15 Nov 1925
Mrs. Jane File (nee Speaker) wife of late Jacob D File
Aged 85y
File Cemetery
John P Foederer
Born 22 May 1891, Pierron, Illinois
Died 05 Dec 1962, Highland, Illinois, Aged 71y 6m 13d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Pallbearers: Louis Mollet, Vallie Weiss, Cyril Potthast, Filmer Rinderer,
Robert Schreiber, George Essenpreis
09 Jan 1953
Henry Foehner
Aged 79y 1m 22d
Wilbert A. Frey, 90, of Alhambra, formerly of Grantfork, died Tuesday, July 6, 1999. Visitation from 9 to 10 a.m. Friday at the funeral home. Funeral 10 a.m. Friday at the funeral home. Burial in St. Joseph Cemetery, Highland. Spengel-Boulanger Funeral Home, Highland.
Wilbert A. Frey
Born 05 Mar 1909 in Highland, Illinois
Died 06 Jul 1999
Aged 90 years, 4 months, 1 day
Deceased parents Louis & Ida (Spengel) Frey
30 Jul 1923
Joseph F Goestenkors
Aged 13y 4m 17d
Henry Goestenkors
Born 15 Dec 1861, Germantown, Illinois
Died 28 Jun 1916, Pierron, Illinois
Joseph Goestenkors
Born 13 Mar 1910
Died 30 Jul 1923
29 May 1972
Mrs. Mary Ellen (Mamie) Goestenkors (nee Mack)
Aged 79y 4m 4d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Mrs. Mary Ellen Goestenkors (nee Mamie Mack)
Born 25 Jan 1893
Died 29 May 1972
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Pallbearers: Bruno Augustin, Oscar Frey, John Isert, John Kampwerth,
Elmer Knebel, Roland Krantz
Mrs. Mary Ellen Goestenkors (nee Mamie Mack)
Born 25 Jan 1893
Died 29 May 1972
Mr. Steve H. Goestenkors
Born 27 Feb 1892
Died 20 Oct 1967
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Pallbearers: Roland Krantz, Emil Landolt, Fremont Buchmiller, John Isert,
Ray Spellerberg, Elmer Knebel
Mr. Steve H. Goestenkors
Born 27 Feb 1892
Died 30 Oct 1967
20 Oct 1967
Mr. Steve H. Goestenkors
Aged 75y 7m 23d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
17 Aug 1919
Martha Gruen
Born 31 Mar 1908
Robinson Cemetery

Entered into Rest - Wednesday 19 Mar 1959 at 3:20 A. M.
Mrs. Josephine A. Haenny (nee Roth)
Aged 88 years, 2 months and 26 days
Funeral services will be held at St. Paul's Church, Highland, Illinois
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois

Josephine A. Haenny
Born 23 Dec 1869
Died 19 Mar 1958
08 Oct 1919
Mrs. Bertha Haller (nee Schmidt)
Aged 78y 3m 8d
Sugg Cemetery
Evelyn C. Henke
10 Nov 1977
W. Adolph Henke
Born 20 Aug 1908, Aged 69y 2m 20d
Marine Cemetery
Casket Bearers: Maurice Daniken, Alvin Willeford, Thomas Paine,
Edwin Baumberger, Sherman Dressor, Benjamin File
Gertrude Holthaus
30 Nov 1936
Ben Holthaus
Aged 78y 7m 29d
St. Anthony's Cemetery, Beckemeyer
07 Oct 1935
Henry Hug, Sr.
Aged 92y 3m 10d
Hug Cemetery, Millersburg
08 Nov 1931
Mrs. Oradell Hug (nee Ammann)
Born 25 Dec 1893, Aged 38y 10m 15d
Hug Cemetery, Millersburg
08 May 1911
Miss Ollie Leonie Indermill
Aged 18y 19d
Hug's Cemetery
02 Nov 1925
John A. Jakel
Aged 40y 7m 24d
Calvary Cemetery
01 Apr 1928
Theodore Jakel
Aged 47y 7m 14d
Calvary Cemetery
  29 Mar 1924
Jacob Klein
Aged 77y 6m
Hug Cemetery
  22 Feb 1928
Leopold Knebel
Aged 88y 2m 25d
Catholic Cemetery
Bertha Kuhn
Born 15 Jun 1864
Died 11 Jul 1956
John F. Kustermann
Born 25 Mar 1887, Bond County, Illinois
Died 08 Apr 1960, Highland, Illinois, Aged 78y 13d
St. Joseph Cemetery, Highland, Illinois
Pallbearers: Edgar Wirz, Harry Mueller, Roland Krantz, Ray Stuckwisch,
Nelson Streiff, Orville Hochuli
05 Sep 1945
Mrs. Mary Caroline Landmann (nee Fangmeyer)
Aged 84y 4m 8d
Catholic Cemetery
16 Mar 1936
Henry Landmann, Sr.
Aged 80y 9m 18d
Catholic Cemetery
Alvin John Landmann
Born 29 Jun 1927, Highland, Illinois
Died 07 Nov 1950, Highland, Illinois
St. Joseph Cemetery, Highland, Illinois
Pallbearers: Earl Weis, Cyril Weis, Lester Weis, Raymond Weis, Kenneth Rutz, Raymond Landmann
22 Feb 1928
Mrs. Ellen Mack (nee Brown)
Aged 74y 2m 7d
Catholic cemetery, Pierron
11 Nov 1947
Michael J. Mack
Aged 64y 8m 26d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron
Michael J. Mack
Born 15 Feb 1883, St. Louis, Missouri
Died 11 Nov 1947, Highland, Illinois
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Pallbearers: Leo Frey, Chris Doll, John Schmitt, Irwin Wagner,
Henry Goestenkors, Aug. Neuenschwander
15 May 1915
Lillie Ellen Marti
Aged 19y 6m 11d
Robinson cemetery
05 Dec 1914
Rudolph H. Marti
Aged 28y 3m 13d
Highland City cemetery
06 Sep 1922
Albert Henry Merkle
Aged 38y 10m 9d
City Cemetery
Mrs. Emma Minges, wife of Louis Minges, died at her home in greenville at 11:40 p.m., Tuesday, November 11, 1930, aged 55 years, two months and four days. Funeral services will be held at Union church in Millersburg, Ill., at 2 p.m., Friday, the Rev. A. D. Hawley officiating. Interment at the Hug cemetery.
15 Nov 1934
Harold A. Mollet
Aged 39y 11m 20d
Robinson cemetery
03 May 1927
Mrs. Elilzabeth Pfister (nee Jacobs)
Aged 65y 3d
Jamestown cemetery
26 Jul 1926
Frederick Pfister, Sr.
Aged 66y 4m 22d
Jamestown Cemetery
07 Aug 1930
Bernice Lenore Plocher
Aged 11y 11m 4d
Hug Cemetery
24 Jan 1938
Mrs. Louisa Plocher (nee Schmollinger)
Aged 80y 9m 17d
Highland City Cemetery
25 Jun 1971
Mrs. Delia Pritchett
Aged 90y 5m 28d
Greene Cemetery
Delia Pritchett
1880 - 1971
19 Jan 1968
Grant C. Pritchett
Aged 88y 29d
Greene Cemetery
07 Aug 1928
Mrs. Anna Ratermann
Aged 71y 10m 20d
St. Dominic's Cemetery, Breese, Illinois
Christine Ratermann
25 Dec 1832 - 1900
02 Nov 1926
William Raterman
Aged 73y 9m 22d
St. Dominic's Cemetery, Breese, Illinois
27 Jan 1931, Breese, Illinois
Ceaser M. J. Rebling
Aged 70y 11m 26d
St. John's Cemetery, Breese, Illinois
03 Mar 1946
Albert George Schmidt
Aged 83y 7m 18d
Highland City Cemetery
25 Apr 1956
John W. Schmitt
Aged 75y 14d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron
09 Jul 1923, Pocahontas, Illinois
Josephine F. Schmitt, wife of Michael Schmitt
Aged 64y 4m 3d
Calvary Cemetery, Pierron
06 Mar 1925
Michael Schmitt
Aged 80y 1m 17d
Calvary Cemetery
Mrs. Anna M. Schreiber
Born 06 Jan 1891, St. Rose, Illinois
Died 01 Nov 1957, Highland, Illinois
Aged 66y 9m 25d
Pallbearers: Allen Frey, Ralph Korte, Edwin Dorsey, Elmer Frey, Jr.,
Leo Goestenkors, Robert Goestenkors
John William Schmitt
Born 11 Apr 1881
Died 25 Apr 1956
27 Dec 1952
John B. Schreiber
Aged 79y 1m 7d
Calvary Cemetery
John B. Schreiber
Born 20 Nov 1873
Died 27 Dec 1952
Lauretto E. Schreiber
Born 23 Mar 1911
Died 16 Jan 1946
Loretto E. Schreiber
Born 23 Mar 1911
Died 16 Jan 1946, St. Louis, Missouri
Calvary cemetery, Pierron, Illinois
Pallbearers: Joseph Thole, Alfred Korte, Eugene Korte, Gerald Korte,
Benedict Thole, Lawrence Thole
Mary M. Schreiber
Born 03 Aug 1884
Died 28 Jun 1951
01 May 1910
Mrs. Anna Schwierjohn (nee Holthouse)
Aged 58y 6m 8d
Pierron Catholic Cemetery
Anna M. Schwierjohn (nee Holthaus)
1857 - 1910
Clemens Schwierjohn
Born 23 Mar 1838
Died 21 Jun 1915
Elizabeth Schwierjohn
Born 27 Feb 1843
Died 21 Mar 1931
20 Feb 1921
John Frank Schwierjohn
Aged 73y 10m 14d
Pierron Catholic cemetery
Mrs. Josephine E. Schwierjohn (nee Holthaus)
Born 01 Oct 1890
Died 06 Jul 1968
Aged 77y 9m 5d
William J. Schwierjohn, Sr.
Born 07 Nov 1883
Died 19 Jun 1967
Aged 83y 7m 12d
02 May 1953
Milda Siever (nee Foehner)
Aged 52y 2m 22d
Jamestown Cemetery
Georgia C. St.Onge
Born 19 Sep 1908
Died 27 Dec 1979
22 Aug 1941
Fred Vosholler
Aged 56y 9m 12d
Calvary cemetery
14 Sep 1948
Mrs. Anna Weiss (nee Zimmerman)
Aged 90y 17d
Hug Cemetery
25 Jan 1935
Mrs. Annie Weiss
Aged 59y 2m 17d
Hug Cemetery
02 Nov 1949
Charles Weiss
Aged 79y 11m 17d
01 Mar 1955
Emil G. Weiss
Aged 89y 4m 29d
Hug Cemetery
Louisa Weiss
Born 08 Nov 1883, Madison County, Illinois
Died 05 Jun 1959, Highland, Illinois
Aged 75y 6m 27d
Hug Cemetery, Millersburg, Illinois
Pallbearers: Ray Weiss, Gary Weiss, Gerald Sugg, Donald Weiss, Cecil Pfister, Roscoe Arnold, Jr.
20 Nov 1938
Mrs. Mary Weiss (nee Buchleim)
Aged 63y 2m 2d
Calvary cemetery
Entered into rest on Tuesday 29 Nov 1977 at 4:57 PM
Mrs. Veronica "Vera" A. Weiss (Haenny)
of 207 Emelie St.
beloved wife of Orel W. Weiss
Interment S.S. Peter & Paul Cemetery
Veronica (Vera) A. Weiss
Born 22 Sep 1910
Died 29 Nov 1977
William Weiss
Died 22 Sep 1920
Aged 52 years
22 Jan 1925
Christian Frederick Zimmermann
Aged 54y 4m 15d
Robinson Cemetery
12 Apr 1937
Fritz Zobrist
Aged 80y 7d
Hug Cemetery

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