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Mrs. George HILL

Awakened and Told Families of Visitors Were Starving.
Gagged, bound, hand and foot, and robbed of $600 in the middle of the night by three masked men, who entered her home, was the experience of Mrs. George Hill, an aged widow living alone in Greenville. The robbery occurred Tuesday night about midnight, but Mrs. Hill did not mention it to the officers until late Thursday. Mrs. Hill says three men awakened her in her room and demanded money of her, saying their families were starving. She got up out of bed, went to the dresser drawer and secured the money for them. They then bound her hands and feet, placed a handkerchief in her mouth and departed through a kitchen window she had left unlocked.

Chicago eagle. (Chicago, Ill.) 1889-19??, May 29, 1909, Page 7, Image 7
Image provided by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, Urbana, IL

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